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AB Roller

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Are you tired of paying for expensive gym subscriptions and still never seeing your abs pop out?

The benefits of having a quality ab roller at home are incredible. They support a range of workouts; most sports and fitness models secretly use ab rollers because of the well-balanced design and absolute ab burn you are left with at the end of using it.

Here are our top picks for the best ab roller of 2021:

1. Iron Gym Speed Complete Ab Workout (Best Overall)

black and red durable ab rollerConsidered a perfect fit for most people as it can strengthen and tone your upper abs, lower abs obliques and entire core. You can use it on any floor surface to get the most out of your abdominal exercise routine and supercharge your metabolism.

It’s appropriate for all fitness levels beginner to advanced as you do not have to exert a lot of effort to use one. It also has ergonomic handles that most people like in addition to a capacity design that supports a lot of weight without breaking.

The ab roller features a durable steel coil to provide resistance on the way out in a controlled return. It also has rubberized pro grip handles to minimize hand fatigue while also maximizing control and comfort.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Spring coils add resistance Spring has some durability issues
Angled hand grips activate muscles
Good choice for intermediate users
Ships with foam knee pads

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are struggling to find an ab roller that will serve you well for long, do not hesitate to buy this one. Its ultra-wide design has a low center of gravity.


2. Sports Research Sweet Sweat Ab Wheel (Best for beginners)

black and yellow cool design ab rollerThis premium core strengthening ab roller will help build the the tone your abs arms and back. Effectively works out your core at home, on your floors or even walls. Alongside strengthening your core it will develop shredded arms.

This wheel is three inches thick, while other brands are half that size. It gives you superior stability, allowing unrestricted movement for a more intense workout. It also burns fat well and has a unique ability to boost both strength and endurance without taxing energy systems which helps for day to day use.

Ergonomically designed grips prevent discomfort in your hands so you can give 110% to every workout. It also features removable handles that allow for compact storage and easy transport.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Works well on walls Motion isn’t totally smooth
Good for increasing flexibility
Removable ergonomic handles
Comes with two instructive e-books

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you were looking for a new ab roller, we’d stick to the standard instead of buying a low-grade model, buy this ab roller complete your beginner workout system instead.


3. Core Coaster Abdominal Trainer (Best High-end)

woman using high end ab rollerWhy would you buy an ab roller or exercise wheel when the Core Coaster has been scientifically proven by the University of Alabama to activate the core? The Core Coaster combines the abdominal sliders and resistance training all in one package to strengthen not only your core but your entire body.

This is a high-performance product with stable dual lock design, both wheels are durable. They also roll smoothly on most surfaces and have non-skid tires that lower the risk of injuries while it is in use. Whenever you are sculpting your body at home or in a local gym, you will do so safely.

You will also exercise many muscle groups at the same time and have a fun and fulfilling experience to strengthen your shoulder back and arms, or tone your abdominal muscles. The coaster is one of the most versatile core strength and stabilization exercise device.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Ideal for newbies Feet can slip off easily
Useful for chest workouts Noisy while in use
Access to online training videos
Comes with resistance bands

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict:  If you are looking for an easy to use ab wheel, you found it. It’s effective for any fitness level with limitless exercises.


4. SKLZ Core Wheels Dynamic (Best Durability)

Yellow gripped ab rollerThis ab roller equipment enhances traditional plank and push up exercises. It develops pillar strength, shoulders, torso and hips, through a variety of exercises. The wheels on each side move together for safety and ground control. It’s lightweight and portable ergonomic foam handles for comfort enhances traditional plank and push up exercises.

Unlike standard ab wheels, you can use it to exercise many groups of muscles at the same time. Whether you have wood or laminate, you will enjoy fulfilling workouts on demand. It is also supportive and very comfortable.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
High quality handles Can be too intense for beginners
Compact and easy to carry
Larger screw on shortening collar
Comes with an end cap to cover

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are on the market for an ab wheel, you will like the elite sports equipment’s premium design. It’s sturdy design, for instance, supports most women and men without issues.


5. Epitome Fitness BIO Core Ab Roller Wheel (Best budget option)

Slim red and black ab rollerUnlike crunches, It does more than just work abs. It strengthens obliques, hips, shoulders, and triceps for increased stability and muscle building. If you are tired of  thin and flimsy ab wheels this one will let you roll without wobbling since it has two wheels for two times the stability in perfect weight distribution.

This fiery red ab roller is one of the best. Even though it has a playful design, you get a premium workout accessory that delivers quality results. It’s double wield, for instance, is desirable for it’s stability. You don’t have to exert a lot of energy to use well on most surfaces, both its wheels also have thick rubberized tires that prevent it from slipping while in use. Perfect to train and tone your back, arms, and even shoulders fast and peacefully at home.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Width can be adjusted Motion isn’t totally smooth
Lightweight yet strong
Works well on walls
Nonslip wheels provide a secure grip

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you want to strengthen your obliques, this will be your good option. It will stabilize your muscles and you don’t need to exert much energy since it’s lightweight yet strong.


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