5 Best Ankle Weights of 2021

best ankle weights

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Ankle weights help to tone your legs without adding a lot of bulk. They can be added to any workout to increase resistance and activate muscles you don’t actively use. Jogs, weight training, and leg lifts are just some of the workouts you can use ankle weights with to increase the intensity and improve results from your exercise.

Here is our list of the best ankle weights we’ve found to help you with your fitness goals. Be sure to check out the prices and features by clicking the links we’ve provided below.


#1 Virtee Adjustable Ankle Weights (Best Overall Quality)


Just about everyone who has bought and written the customer review for these ankle weights has given them a perfect score. While the extremely affordable price may have something to do with that, it’s not the only reason.

Each weight has 5 removable sandbags, each one weighing .5 pound, making each one able to carry 2.5 pounds of weight, so 5 pounds total extra weight. With long adjustable Velcro straps, you can be assured they won’t fall off during your workout.

The moisture-wicking material ensures a comfortable fit, and the high-quality stitching will provide long-term use.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Fully adjustable weights Cannot be used as wrist weights on smaller users
Long adjustable Velcro straps
High quality and durable
Moisture-wicking materials

Value: Check the Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are new to the ankle weight game and want the ability to adjust the weight as you become stronger, these could be the best ankle weights for you!


#2 BalanceFrom GoFit Fully Ankle Weights (Best Value for Money)


These weights are even more affordable and come in a variety of colors depending on the weight you choose. This set is the 6-pound set (3 pounds per ankle). They also offer sets from 2 pounds all the way up to 15 pounds!

They use an extra large Velcro strap, and are quite comfy to wear. You can use them for a wide variety of exercises, including brisk walking, kickboxing, or when you’re just doing chores around the house. You can also use them on your wrists.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Made of a neoprene exterior Weight is not adjustable
Reinforced stitching and moisture absorbing material inside
Soft, breathable, and comfortable
With oversized Velcro pad

Value: Check the Amazon price here

Verdict: If toning is your priority and you don’t plan on switching the weight limit often, this is one of the best ankle weights to get your heart rate up and strengthen your legs.


#3 All-Pro Adjustable Ankle Weights (Best for Beginners)


For those who want lots of weight options for their ankle weights, this is a great option. You can adjust the weight by half pound increments all the way up to 2.5 pounds per weight.

It comes with 10 weights weighing half a pound each, so do the math and adjust the weights simply by choosing the right number of weight pieces to use. Just make sure that you distribute the weight evenly on your ankles so that there’s no extra pressure on just one side.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Weight adjustable up to 2.5-lbs per ankle Weights can begin to rust after extended use
Cushioned flaps protect the ankles
Premium quality for fitness, health, and wellness
Soft, breathable, and comfortable

Value: Check the Amazon price here

Verdict: If you’re looking for a comfortable yet secure set of ankle weights where you can adjust the weight for your specific fitness level, these could be the best ankle weights for you!


#4 Fitnessery Ankle Weights Set (Best Height Distribution)


These weights are set at a single weight of 1 pound each. Other weights can be purchased from 3 to 5 pounds each. The set can be used by men, women, and older children who have thinner ankles, since the weight is distributed more vertically than the other weights on our list.

They’re designed extra long with Velcro to reduce any slipping during your workout, and the weight is distributed so that it’ll rest 360 degrees around your ankles.

With a mesh bag for easy portability, and a free eBook of ankle weight exercises, you’ll be able to take these while you travel for on-the-go fitness.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
360-degree weight distribution Weight is not adjustable
Extra-tall weights
Constructed from premium anti-chafing neoprene fabric
Free mesh bag and eBook

Value: Check the Amazon price here

Verdict: If you’re looking to add resistance to your workout and need some ideas for other ways to use the weights, look no further than this pair from Fitnessery.


#5 Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights Set (Best Budget Option)


This is one of the most affordable sets of the ankle weights on this list, depending on the one you buy. The ankle weight on each leg can weigh two or five pounds (4 or 10 pounds total).

This set uses a Velcro strap to keep it secure to your ankles so that they don’t move or jiggle around during your workout. The material is also nice and soft against your skin; it’s durable enough, and they really look well made.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Velcro straps can adjust to fit your ankles or wrists Weight is not adjustable
Soft, durable fabric
Comes with a black travel pouch

Value: Check the Amazon price here

Verdict: If you’re looking for a simple set of weights to improve your workout intensity, and that can be used on both your ankles and wrists, this could be the best set for you.


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