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Working out cause hair loss Dubai

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It has been proven by various research studies that physical and mental stress can cause hair loss in people of different ages. But is exercise hair loss affecting you? Isn’t exercise supposed to benefit us?

Some researchers have studied the link between exercise and hair loss.

The results highlight important facts about hair loss in people who regularly take rigorous exercises or do jobs that require rigorous physical activities. How much exercise is too much?

Let’s discuss the findings of these researchers. This article discusses how exercise can increase and reduce hair loss.

If you want to overcome the hair loss problem effectively, this topic is for you.


How Exercise Affects the Overall Body

sit up with dumbbell

There are plenty of reasons people do physical and mental exercises.

One of the major benefits includes the improvement of blood circulation and the health of the heart.

Just performing regular exercise is not enough to live a healthy life. A person should also adopt healthy ways of living and healthy food to be able to live a good life. A person needs to embrace a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, and some physical exercises to strengthen the body to the level where minimal health problems occur.

Every person needs a particular level of physical activities every single day. Moving less or more than that can cause harms to the body. Intensive workouts are often taken to boost the strength of the body but it can come with some disadvantages as well.


What about extreme and rigorous exercise?

It is true that rigorous exercises put a great deal of physical and mental stress which can cause different problems. One of the issues that can arise from mental stress is hair loss.

This may surprise you but there is a link between stress and hair loss. One of the ways to avoid hair fall is to avoid stress.



Benefits of Exercise for the Body

Researchers have identified a variety of benefits and it is important to discuss them here. Regularly performing physical activities can deliver a verity of benefits for your mind and body. Here are a few:

  • Exercise helps us quit smoking.
  • Workouts reduce our risk of falls.
  • Exercise can relieve mental stress.
  • Physical activities refresh our mind.
  • Exercise improves our sexual health.
  • Workouts help us control our weight.

Other Benefits

  • Physical activities reduce the risk of cancers.
  • Workouts reduce our risk of heart diseases.
  • Exercise strengthens our bones and muscles.
  • Workouts increase our chances of living longer.
  • Exercise improves our mental health and mood.
  • Physical activities help keep thinking and learning.
  • Physical exercises help our body manage blood sugar and insulin levels.


Can Exercise Affect Hair Loss?

Working out cause hair loss DubaiIs your hair loss due to moving less or exercising a lot?

There is no short answer to this question. It has been mentioned above that exercise promotes physical and mental health.

It has been observed by different researchers that too much mental or physical exercise may cause hair loss.


How much is too much?

When it comes to exercise, how much is too much? How do I know if I am doing too many exercises? What kind of exercise is good for my hair? It is true that all of us need some physical activities to digest food properly, to burn extra calories, to strengthen the body mentally and physically.

rigorous exercise hair loss

As a matter of fact, exercise increases blood circulation to all parts of the body including the scalp. That is why the health of the scalp improves which leads to healthy hair. When we overburden the body with rigorous exercises, it suffers from stress and stress is not good for us physically and mentally.

Hair shedding increases due to the increased level of stress. It means we should make sure we are not causing stress to our body through workouts. Each of us has different body composition, lifestyle habits, and food choices. We need a personalized analysis to know the level of physical activities we need.

That is why a professional should be consulted to know how much exercise is fine. If you are a woman with a hair loss problem, you should stop worrying because you can try female hair loss treatment to get rid of this issue. There are hair treatments for males too.


Exercise and Hair Loss: The Final Verdict

hair loss final verdict- how to reverse itYou have read how physical exercises affect our bodies.

The people who regularly perform workouts build mental and physical strength that helps in different ways. It is also true that taking rigorous exercises regularly can put unnecessary stress on the mind and body. As a result, hair growth can suffer and this can lead to abnormal hair fall.

What to do if you are experiencing hair loss

The best thing we can advise is to go with a medically proven/tested product such as Minoxidil. Click here to see pricing and reviews.

In the end, we can conclude that one should take exercises that are beneficial for the body.

A fitness trainer can evaluate your lifestyle, diet, and condition of the body to suggest the right workouts for you. IF you have lost a huge number of hairs already, you can try a male/female hair loss treatment. To know more about this topic, do not hesitate to visit a professional.


*This is a Guest Post submitted by Bella James and edited by Johnathan


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