The Best Exercise Trampolines Of 2021

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Exercise trampolines- commonly referred to as rebounders- are designed to give you the capability of doing cardio workouts without the added risks of joint damage due to excessive impact. They also are super fun to use! If you’re ready to improve your coordination and stability while staying safe and having fun on an exercise trampoline, you’re in the right place.

We have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of the best exercise trampolines of 2021. On certain models, we can even tell you how many bounces they’ve been approved for. It’s safe to say that by the end of this article you know which one is right for you.

Keep in mind that each exercise trampoline was evaluated based on 4 criteria:

1.Weight limits

2. Overall Structure and design

3. Value (cost vs quality)

4. Durability

If you know what you’re looking for already skip through our table of contents:

#1. JumpSport 250 Trampoline (Best Overall)

Whether you’re older or a young jump-a-holic, this one is probably the best option that money can buy.

It is safety tested and approved for 400,000 bounces and up to 250 lbs, which means it can take a lot of jumping-abuse.

The springs bands are very durable and the frame is backed by an in-home Lifetime warranty. The “mat” has a 5-year warranty which says to us that the company backs their product.

Most people were surprised at how smooth quiet each bounce was, which is a major relief for partners and family members that value quality sleep and concentration.

One thing to note is that there is an optional stability bar- which we only recommend if you have trouble with balance. For most people, the regular version is just fine.

What people are saying:

The reviews are really high so far. It was interesting to note that one person stated that she happens to own an expensive Needak trampoline and found that this JumpSport exercise trampoline was much better and stable. There were, as can be expected, some random defects in between shipping and manufacturing, but the vast condense stood behind the great quality and stability of this model.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Durability   No bar included
Elasticity with firmness

Value: Check Prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you looking for the absolute best high-quality exercise trampoline for fun and effective workouts, and are not fazed by the price tag, look no further.

If the price tag does scare you a little, don’t worry because there are others on this list that are more affordable and we will help you determine if they fit your specific needs.


#2 MaXimus Pro Rebounder Trampoline (Best for Comfort)

 This exercise trampoline is one of the best on the market, and with all of the added features, the price is hard to beat.

We love the Jumbo Springs of this model. They are of high quality and built to allow great resistance while maintaining a low impact on joints.

It is notably durable and feels safe and reliable while jumping. The weight limit is about 280 lbs, which is almost as much as our Heavyweight choice in this article. But obviously, you wouldn’t want to overdo it by jumping with a partner- though it does seem tempting.

The stability bar is a nice add-on as it can keep you from losing balance on certain exercises. If you struggle with stability, we recommend using it. If you are more grounded, just remove the stability bar of the trampoline.

Travel is not an issue, as you can disassemble this into a fourth of the size. But it does take some time to form it into its reduced size.

Additionally, you get a carrier bag, resistance bands, and sand weight along with access to some workout videos online to get you having fun and losing weight fast.

The only negative we found in this model were slightly squeakier springs that can be distracting, for some. But if you plug in your headphones, there should be no issue.

What people are saying:

Currently, the product has high ratings with over 200 reviews. Most agree that this exercise trampoline does feel welcoming and sturdy. Others couldn’t believe how motivating it was to work out on such a fun device as a trampoline. There were a few random reports of the crossbar coming in faulty, but these comments were few and far in between.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Durability Slightly noisier springs
Quality springs
Folding capabilities

Value: Check Prices on Amazon here

Verdict: If you’re looking for a sweet spot in between really high quality and price, you’ll have trouble finding a better deal. This is good for the young and old, balanced and unbalanced as the bar is an optional feature.


#3. MOVTOTOP Rebounder Trampoline (Best Child-Compatibility)

Exercise trampolines are super fun; and because of that, if you have young kids at home, it’s going to be hard to deter them from the temptation of jumping.

This model is custom designed for the safety of both adults and young children. It has durable stainless steel legs and 32 springs to handle up to 220 lbs. If you weigh over 220 lbs and still want a trampoline, you are probably better off leaving this for the kids and picking the heavyweight version listed in this article.

Along with the durable springs, this exercise trampoline is made with Oxford Cloth for Anti-abrasive properties. And most agreed that the assembly was relatively easy to set up after watching the corresponding YouTube video.

This is another special folding-capable trampoline so you can take it on the go and have the kids play on it for hours.

What people are saying:

Similarly, this product has received great feedback. One person, in particular, stated that he loved to help his 3-year-old daughter while she did her version of exercise on it. A lot of people stated that the weight distribution was nice and that the setup was relatively stress-free. There were a few negative reviews regarding packaging/manufacturing, but luckily the company offers a full refund within 90 days.

What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Child-friendly Weight limit
Easy Setup

Value: Check Prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you have a young one (or two or three) that could potentially become addicted to a workout trampoline- but still want to be able to get a good fat-burning workout in, this is a great option for you.

Note: If you are over 220 lbs, look at the heavyweight option in this article.


#4 Sportplus Silent Fitness Mini Trampoline (Best for Stability)

What sets this exercise trampoline apart from the competition, is the adjustable handrail. No matter what companies say, one size does not fit all. Thankfully this handrail can move between 33 and 47 inches. It can also easily be removed in between workouts. This alone practically eliminates age-limit excuses for not doing cardio.

Designed with a unique 36-piece mini bungee rope-system, this trampoline provides enough force to handle any average adult’s weight.

Also, unless you put another substance or mat over the surface, you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding. The manufacturer added a non-slip layer to the “elastic surface.”

There is also a bungee-net cover included so that you don’t step on the individual ropes. To be fair, most exercise trampolines do.

One of the only negatives we found was the setup. It is a little more involved than most but there is an instruction manual in the box and online videos as well. As expected, there was some controversy regarding if it was too difficult to assemble for an average person. Some shared that it was an exhausting experience, while others found it as easy as pie (not the mathematical Pi). A thirty-year-old female stated proudly that she managed to do it on her own.

What people are saying:

The ratings are fairly high on this product. Some notable remarks are that it is good for watching T.V. while passively working out and that after a rather complex assembly it was both very durable and fun.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Comfort and durability Intermediate assembly
Unique Adjustable stability bar

Value: Check the price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If balance has been a problem in the past or chronic issue, this is a perfect fit. If you are worried about assembly, we would recommend just asking a friend for help- It’s worth it.

And if that doesn’t sound like you, keep scrolling because there are exercise trampolines that will better fit your wants.

#5 Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline (Best for Budget)

This 36” Exercise Trampoline is basic but efficient in both design and overall user comfort.

Unlike poorly made models, this one comes with 30 tension bands, so you can feel safe knowing your weight is being properly distributed.

It has a surprisingly-high weight capacity of 250 lbs which, although it’s not the highest, is still impressive.

Also, no more dealing with loud annoying swing-set screeches due to excessive spring wear. This model is known for keeping a low profile and a supportive bounce.

One of the downsides to the structure of this trampoline is that if you’re recovering from an injury or simply have terrible balance, you don’t have any bar to hold onto. The legs are also not as high quality but they are good enough for normal jumping and can be removed for storage or disassembly

Once you get your trampoline, you have access to some great online workout videos so that you have no excuses for not getting/staying in shape.

The obvious attractive feature of this exercise trampoline is the fact that it can be disassembled and folded. Some people question whether it is easy to assemble and the answer is yes.

However, you may find disassembly to be more of a struggle than you thought. It is hard to get each component loose with all the tension on the bands. Most found that a two-person team is better than one; it’s just a lot faster.

What people are saying:

The overall ratings for this product are above average. Some found random manufacturer flaws, but there was no consistent issue. Most agreed that it was fun to get back on a trampoline and that this specific one was durable enough, for the price they paid.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Cost Slightly Cheaper materials
Traveler-friendly Difficult to disassemble

Value: Check the Price on Amazon Here

Verdict: This is a great starter rebounder. If you plan on using this rebounder only 2 or 3 times a week and feel like saving money while sacrificing a bit of quality, you have found your perfect pick.

If you have a physical disability or injury, an exercise trampoline (rebounder) with a stability bar would be much better for you.


#6. JumpSport 350 Trampoline(Best for Heavyweight)

We are well aware that this is the second time this company has been on this list and we want you to know that we are not affiliated with them; simply after hours of researching options to fit the category of “heavyweight exercise trampolines,” we couldn’t find a more qualified option.

The unique “endurolast cords” make this so much better than your average trampoline. And it is tested and approved for over 1 MILLION regular bounces.

Like the JumpSport 250, the frame is backed by an in-home lifetime warranty. While the “mat” and cords have a 5-year warranty.

Again, most people were impressed by how smooth quiet each bounce is. And that stability bar is optional- we only recommend it if you have trouble with balance.

One thing we didn’t like was the product title which leads you to believe that this model is good for up to 350 lbs. Its true weight limit is 300 lbs. And to be fair, with a smaller trampoline, you’re going to have trouble finding one that gives you more.

Consumer feedback:

The ratings are awesome for this model. Most people adore this rebounder and comment about how silent it is. One commented that they wished they had bought this model 30 years ago. As with most products on Amazon, there were rare occurrences of manufacture/shipping defaults. It’s nice to know that this manufacturer offers the added protection of a warranty.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Weight limit Initial Price
Superior design

Value: Check Amazon for Prices Here

Verdict: If you’re into are over 200-250 lbs or just want to do heavy-weighted exercises and want the safest option this is right for you. The only thing is that you are going to have to swallow a larger up-front cost.

If you are lightweight, there are better options in this list (scroll up).


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