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Are you in the fitness/health/nutrition niche? Want to get exposure as a professional in your field? Make and infographic and share it on our website.

We’re always looking for people who are as passionate about fitness as we are. We deliver quality health and fitness content to our readers and would love contributions from you.


What do you get out Sharing Your Infographic?

  • Branding and profile opportunity
  • Status recognition as an expert in your field

The Rules and Terms for Sharing your Health/Fitness Infographic:

  • 100% non-plagiarized content
  • Infographics topics include motivation, fitness, dieting, exercise/workout routines, etc.
  • No Adult/suggestive content
  • By Sending us your infographic you’re giving us explicit permission to use, post, and share it over our platforms.
  • If you want a backlink you must have a website related to health and fitness (no spammers) and you must submit a guest post. Click here for details on this write for us page. Keep in mind that it must be quality content. Just take a look at our content. It is simple yet enriched with tips, tricks, and knowledge.

Example of an Appropriate Infographic:

fitness infographic

How to Submit and Share your Health/Fitness Infographic:

You can send us your infographic by filling out the form below:

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