How To Get Six-Pack Abs for Women | Top 4 Tips

Abs for Women

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Getting a six-pack shouldn’t be an unobtainable or misunderstood goal. Often women are trying to get rid of excess weight around their middle to fit into a smaller-sized dress, lose baby weight, or to just feel better about themselves.

The first thing you should know is that getting a six-pack of abs for women is secondary to overall health. Looking good is no comparison to being healthy. Some women fall into the trap of developing an unhealthy relationship with their body weight, which can lead to a whole host of psychological and physical problems. If this sounds like you right now, please consult a physician before starting any extreme diet or weight loss program.

With that being said, getting visible abs starts with nutrition. Ultimately, we want to lower the body’s fat percentage (BMI). This excess weight we carry around our middles actually covers our abdominal muscles, so by getting a six-pack we are merely revealing the muscles that have been there the whole time.

Here are our 4 favorite tips to help you on your journey to getting a six-pack.


#1 Drink Lots Of Water


Make sure you drink enough water. Water is vital for making sure your body doesn’t think you’re dehydrated, which if it does, it holds on to water. This will increase the water that could be covering your six-pack, so make sure that you’re hydrated.

Sometimes you may feel that you’ve lost progress because you feel or look more bloated that you did the day before. Your body’s condition fluctuates on a daily basis, and often looks different depending on how much sodium you’ve ingested the day before.

Sodium will make your body hang on to water, effectively adding another layer over the abs you may have seen as more defined the day before. The best way to flush excess sodium out of your body is by… you guessed it: drinking more water.

We recommend drinking about a gallon (3.8 L) of water per day. This amount of water should have you running to the restroom regularly (which is a good thing). All your body’s processes should improve when you increase your water intake, including your digestion, skin health, and joint fluidity.


#2 Avoid Artificial Sweeteners


Breaking a sugar addiction is not easy, since artificial sugar is in almost all processed foods.

Depending on artificial sugar to fuel your body can be dangerous since it’s broken down so quickly by the body, and eventually a tolerance for it can be established in the blood stream (leading to diabetes).

Complex, more natural carbs, such as wheat or oats, are a smarter option since they provide energy for longer periods of time.

Sugar substitutes, such as aspartame, might also be hidden in some of your foods. These can bloat the intestines as well. Nobody wants to be bloated, especially when you’re trying to get a six-pack.

Since you are trying to have your six-pack show as much as you can, reduce bloating by eliminating artificially sweetened foods from your diet.

Make sure you’re checking nutrition labels and menus before you choose a restaurant to eat at. Most places have healthier options that should help you reach your goal.


#3 Use Weight In Your Ab Exercises


Remember, your abs are a muscle group, so they must be trained to be more dominant just like you would train your biceps.

While decreasing body fat is one aspect of getting a six-pack of abs for women, you can also make your muscles more robust. This will add volume to your abs, which will make your muscles become more noticeable.

You will want to train your abs intensely. We wouldn’t recommend doing this every day because you’ll also want to give them a break; they are a smaller muscle group. Training three to four times a week, or every other day should be good enough. With trial and error, you’ll discover what works for your body, since everyone’s different.

The next day, your abs should be sore, but not too sore. After figuring out your routine, you might need to increase the weights you’re using or switch up the exercises you’re doing to continue to build, just like you would for your biceps.

A good way to switch up your exercises is by doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Our favorite ones can be found here and here.

We have other articles on our blog to help you on your six-pack journey. Check out our favorite at-home ab exercises here, our favorite ab machines here, and our favorite ab rollers here.


#4 Increase your Protein Intake


Protein-rich_Foods-keto dietAdding protein to your diet has a lot of benefits. It has been shown to decrease metabolism, increase muscle mass, and repair damaged muscles after a workout.

Proteins are made up of amino acids–organic compounds that are found naturally in the body. When we work out, especially by weight training or cardio, our muscle fibers tear. In order to rebuild these torn fibers, our body uses the protein found in our blood.

While getting abs for women is not an overnight process, it is important to replenish your protein stores by eating the right foods, so that your body doesn’t start breaking down your bones or other important organs for the protein it needs. This replenishment will add mass to your muscles, making your abs more noticeable.

We have gone into depth in another article about the benefits of consuming protein before, during, and after workouts.

Check out our favorite protein powders here, and check out our favorite natural protein shake here.




So those are our 4 favorite tips: drink more water, avoid sweeteners, increase the intensity of your workouts with weights or equipment, and increase your protein intake.  We recommend you also do more research to understand the different factors that influence how your six-pack looks.


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  1. These are great tips for helping to burn the fat that hides most six-packs. Also, most people don’t realize the value of adding weight to ab exercises for accelerated muscle growth. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

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