The Best Weighted Vests Of 2021

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There comes a point in every person’s physical state in the which normal body weight just doesn’t cut it anymore. A good indication is when you’ve been stuck in the same routine, doing the same number of reps over and over again.

Whether it’s running, doing calisthenics with pull up bars, or improving at cross-fit, weighted vests are an essential component. You just have to make sure you have to have the right one for you. We’ve spent 20+ hours researching and have hand-picked the best weighted vest exercises of 2021.

Based on where you are, as far as fitness, we are confident that we can help you choose which weighted vest is right for you.

Keep in mind that each Vest was evaluated based on 4 criteria:

1. Weight limits

2. Overall Structure and design

3. Value (cost vs quality)

4. Durability

If you know what you’re looking for already skip through our handy-dandy table of contents:

#1 RUN Fast/Max Adjustable Weighted Vest (Best Overall)

We rated this best overall because of two big factors: comfort and adjust-ability.

Nothing compares to having weighted clothing that both doesn’t jump up and down on you like an elementary backpack or cling to you like a boa-constrictor. The designers found a happy medium to maximize your capability to get a perfect fit.

Adjust-ability is awesome! You have custom straps to keep everything tight and you can pick your weight level. That means that the weights are removable for more strenuous sweat-extracting static holds.

We always recommend paying the up-front cost for the higher weight just to have the option to build up strength without having to buy a whole other vest. It’s like putting on layers for cold weather; it doesn’t mean you are going to need all of them because you can take them off when you don’t need them… but if you do end up needing them, you’ll sure be glad you have them.

The vest’s weight is distributed properly for your shoulders. Some people found they didn’t need the shoulder pads, but if your skin is sensitive to rashes, plan accordingly.

Ironically, due to the weight, we wouldn’t recommend RunMax Weight Vest for most long-distance-runners because over time the vest’s weight will become uncomfortable and you may feel it start to loosen up on you.

What people are saying:

The ratings for this item are high, with over 400 personal thoughts. Most said it was good across the board for full-body workouts and calisthenics. “Training like a boss” was also commonly stated.  As we mentioned, some long-distance runners said that over time the weight vest became too bouncy.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Durability/quality Classic/Boring style
Adjustable weight level
Great adjustable straps

Value: Check Prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you’re planning on doing some clean burpee reps or are on a pull up bar trying to build up to a certain level of fitness, this is for you. If you’re a long-distance runner, there are better alternatives in this article.


#2 CROSS101 Adjustable Camouflage Weighted Vest (Best Value)

We normally don’t promote camo-styled equipment because it’s not everyone’s style, but we have to admit that this weighted vest has an edge over most competitors.

Apart from the diverse level of weight that you can add to your vest, this weighted vest has a notable weight distribution. It took me (the author) going on an excruciatingly-painful 10-mile hike to realize just how important weight distribution was.

Weights are iron-ore sand packets and are all removable for owner-convenience. Other added perks include a pocket for your phone or music device as well as a water bottle holder for a normal-sized 16 oz jug.

One of the only downsides we found was the need for shoulder pads. We recommend that if you are going to buy a heavier vest, you should invest in the shoulder pads for this model. If you’re looking to go lightweight, don’t worry about it.

As far as style, this model only has two options: Desert and Arctic. For women and teens, it does fit, but some may find it a bit bulky.

What people are saying:

Currently, the product has consistently excellent ratings (with over 500 reviews). Positives reviews noted the quality and strap adjust-ability. Negative reviews are few, and most deal with the fact that it has a bulkier design for smaller individuals.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Durability/quality Bulky
Adjustable weight level
Great adjustable straps

Value: Check Prices on Amazon here

Verdict: If you’re serious about getting your training to the next level with a weight vest and are looking for the best bang-for-your-buck, you can’t find a better deal.


#3 Empower Weighted Vest(Best Weighted Vest for Women)

Weight vests are not only for males who want to get nice shoulders or abs. Women can also use a weight vest to ramp up their exercises.

This specific model is good for beginner to intermediate-weighted exercises–home workouts, running, pilates, lightweight calisthenics, even yoga.

However, if you happen to be into the heavier weight exercises, cross-fit, or intense calisthenics other models in this article should fit your needs.

It is custom-designed to fit women’s curves and to perfectly distribute the weight. The comfort and weight distribution cannot be denied with this vest. And what’s cool is that you still have a pocket that can fit keys, money, and a smaller-sized cell phone.

One of the only disadvantages we saw was in this model was the fact that you can’t adjust the amount of weight in your vest. The Weight is sewn into each part of the vest so that it is evenly distributed.

An interesting question that we didn’t find answered in most male-versions of weight vest was: how do we wash it?

-The answer is you use cold water and air dry the vest thoroughly.

What people are saying:

This is a highly rated product, and rightfully so. Most women agreed that the weight vest is high quality and perfect to fit their chest-curves; they also agreed that the weight was evenly distributed. One alert we found is that most petites found it didn’t fit as well. So if you are really petite, this may not be for you.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Durability  No adjustable weight

Value: Check the Price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you are a woman who really wants to get the most out of your workouts and burn more calories in less time, this is your best option. If you’re wanting to do heavier routines, choose another.


#4 Aduro Sport Weighted Vest  (Best for runners)

Don’t get caught in the hype of “This one has more weight so it’s better.” You need to establish what you want out of the weight vest first.

If you run in an 80 lbs weight vest for miles and miles, you might as well buy a one-way ticket to the orthopedic surgeon (at some point in your life).

4 to 25 lbs is a much safer and practical range to be in. And with the comfort that this model provides, it’s almost a no-brainer.

This weighted vest is slim and sleek, providing adjustable straps for different body sizes. It doesn’t slip off or feel bulky while running and is not bright hot pink so many men and women wear the same style.

One disadvantage is that you can’t take the weights out as they are sewn into the fabric. However, with the relatively low cost, you could easily purchase a separate one for your significant other or child.

What people are saying:

The ratings, as with all others we approve of, are high. One shocking review was from a person who had broken his neck previously. He started using this vest to build back muscle and saw great results. He stated that it helped him to strengthen his chest and shoulder and that he would be consulting his physical therapist for more details.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Comfort fit No adjustable weight
Unique Distributed weight

Value: Check the Price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you are a runner trying to beat your limits of distance or speed, there is no better option. Check out our favorite men’s running shoes here, and our favorite women’s running shoes here.


#5. Mir Air Flow Adjustable Weighted Vest (Best Style)

This weighted vest really makes you look like a beast, but other aspects are not as enjoyable for some people.

They say one size fits most but this weight vest probably too loose for normal running. For the most part, it is comfortable, but putting it on is more difficult than other models due to the strap being in the back as opposed to the front. If you don’t feel like becoming Mr. Fantastic every time you have to put this vest on or take it off, you may want to look elsewhere.

This happened to be an Amazon choice for some time, which is not always the best choice but it is good to know. Also, the manufacturer warranty is included with this model.

Truth is, this vest is great for pull up bars and cross fit but you have to keep in mind that the weights only range from 20 to 60 lbs.

Carrying a smelling vest into the gym is terrible, but you don’t have to worry about that with this model because it is machine-washable (though we don’t recommend over-washing).

What people are saying:

As of now, this product has pretty good ratings, with a lot of positive feedback about weight distribution and fit. The most common negative review involved the somewhat annoying strap in the back.

What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Style Difficult to use Straps
Machine Washable Slightly Higher Price
Weight Distribution

Value: Check Prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you have a reputation for looking great while working out, and don’t mind the strap in the back this is for you.


#6. Cap Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest (Best Heavyweight)

This is an advanced level or heavyweight trainee’s dream vest. With large openings on the sides and a reinforced polyester design, this vest takes your workout to a whole other level; but does the design and weight limit justify how your wallet will feel afterward? Let’s take a look.

It is worth noting that you can adjust the weight limits so you can build yourself up to your desired physique. If you get the maximum amount, you will have a whopping weight capacity of 150 lbs. Smaller models do exist, but if you’re going to get a lower weight-class, there are similar models in this article with similar quality at a better price.

If you are trying to aggressively gain muscle on a stand-alone pull-up bar and teach your body how to handle more weight in general, this is a good option. Hell, it’s almost like carrying another person around for your workout.

Other notable features are the adjustable straps which can make the vest fit tight enough and for you and a reflective strip on the back for visibility. Note: you may want to consult someone before hauling 150 lbs, or any weight for that matter, more than the length of a football field.

What People are saying:

The ratings are high, currently. Most of the people were very pleased by the high capacity. There were rare occurrences in which the sand started leaking with excessive impact. But it was mainly dealing with the handling of the vest. For us, it was hard to put this in the top 5, due to these seemingly-random occurrences.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Weight adjustability Random manufacturer defects
Custom design/ Style
Weight limit

Value: Check Prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you’re into bodybuilding and high-level training to get ripped fast, this would probably be a better option… but there is a higher up-front cost.


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  2. Great review! This will help me for the future. But right now i’ll try to build my strength first because i can barely lift myself up in the pull up bars lol! 🙂 Thank you!

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