The Best Jump Ropes of 2021

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Looking for the best jump rope to add to your workout plan? You’ve got a lot to choose from on the market, lucky for you the following jump ropes have been tested and reviewed, so you don’t have to waste your money trying to find the best one yourself.


1. Xylsports Jump Rope Adjustable for Fitness Workout Exercise Boxing (Best Durability)

Black padded jump ropeThis comfortable and free-swinging jump rope will leave you amazed at how easy it really is to get your cardio in. Not only is it one of the most durable ropes on the market, but it also has a price tag that fits even the smallest of budgets. The old black licorice type rope may not look like much, but rest assured that it has one of the most smooth rotations that we tested.

It’s also a pleasure to use as it’s high-quality cord is just one aspect to the longevity it provides. The slightly spongy texture to the handles also helps you get more jumps in a set. It’s only drawback is that it’s annoying to shorten the rope to your height, but you probably will only have to do that once.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Smooth rotation Annoying process to adjust the rope to your height
Squish foam padded handles
Adjustable rope
Durable on pavement

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are looking for a jump rope that will last with you for years to come, you have found one of the best.


2. Crossrope Get Lean Weighted Jump Rope Set (Best for Beginners)

versatile mint green unisex jump ropeCross rope brings an extra aspect to jump ropes with a simple grip system that allows you to switch between light and heavy ropes. The handles are heavy-duty as well with extra grip to help you hold on to them even when you sweaty.

There’s also an app available to give you tips and track your jump rope workouts. Cross rope has reinvented the jump rope to provide you with an even more engaging and efficient workout experience anywhere.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Simple clip system Slight clicking noise when you jump
Light rope
Comes with a mobile app

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are looking to get started on jumping rope and get the most use out of one rope, you have found it with one of the most versatile ropes on the market.


3. Survival and Cross Jump Rope, Boxing MMA Fitness Training (Best Value)

All black plastic jump ropeThis high-quality cable wire jump rope helps you train like the professionals. The capabilities are endless as the rope is adjustable to your height, so you are getting the best performance every time. Your endurance is also increased as the rope is built for not only the ease of jumps but for all your jump rope trick desires.

Built to last, this jump rope is known to last the longest on the market, so as you are achieving all your cardio goals, you don’t have to worry about it breaking down, though it is not built for excessive force.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
High quality handles Not built for excessive force.
Comes with an end cap to cover
Compact and easy to carry

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you’re looking for a jump rope with a high value that is made to help you train like a professional athlete, this is the one for you.


4. Rogue Fitness Sr-1 Bearing Speed Rope (Best Lightweight)

purple and white jump ropeThis innovative two-point rotation jump rope keeps things moving very quickly.  Unfortunately, it cannot be adjusted like the others jump ropes on this list. Also, if it is the length you prefer, you have to cut the excess off manually, but they do give plenty of room for people just in case.

For those in need of speed, this rope is for every fitness level. Even if your swing technique isn’t perfect, the rotation mechanism this jump rope has offers a fool-proof way of exercising.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Durable handles Length can’t be adjusted
Indestructible hand-grips

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you’re looking for an affordable jump rope for any fitness level, this one is for you.


5. Garage Fit 9’ Adjustable PVC Jump Rope for Cardio Fitness (Best Budget Option)

black sleek modern jump ropesThis PVC rope is as basic as you can get, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need, with plastic handles, and 9-foot cord that can handle This rope was made to take a beating so start your jump rope journey here.

It comes with 10 in a pack so you can share your experience with friends or even just keep one with you at all times without the pressure of losing an expensive rope. Once you advanced past basic skipping for a few minutes at a time, move on to one of the other options on the list.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t Like (Cons)
Durable PVC handles Not built for advanced jump rope workouts
Comes in a pack of 10

Value: Check on Amazon price here

Verdict: If you are looking to not spend a lot on your jump rope endeavor, this is the top pick for you as you not only get one jump rope but 10 in the pack to use at your disposal.



Best Jump RopesOverall, jumping rope is one the most versatile workouts to up your muscle mass as well as cut your body fat.

It is medium to high impact, so you can use it as a warm-up or as a great plyometric calf workout in an of itself.

Lightweight or weighted ropes and handles give you an extra excursion made to strengthen your muscles amidst you getting your cardio in; way to multi-task.


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