5 Family Friendly Exercises- FUN Family Exercises

Family fitness

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Exercising as a family can be a challenge, but it is very rewarding.

Having the right family friendly exercises is key to making this time stick.

We’ve put together 5 easy exercises to implement now as a family so that you can bond together and enjoy yourselves.


Why Family Exercises are Important


A Family that Exercises together stays together.

Health and fitness have always been “trending.” While most people are joining the journey because it is a trend or because they want to get a dreamy figure, there is more to the hype.

family exercise

Recently, studies were conducted, and it was discovered that the rate of the development of many diseases is increasing rapidly due to poor lifestyle.

Gone are the days when conditions like diabetes and blood pressure were for the old. Today, some infants are born with these conditions. Suffering in joint and bone complications at a very young age is also not new news nowadays.

Pulling away from Boring Social Norms


With the increasing use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers, plus the vast selection of social media that sucks up the family’s social life, it is not surprising that poor health habits and lack of exercise can be found on the whole family, regardless of age.

That is why campaigns for fitness and health were done to encourage people/family members on the dangers of being unfit and how to get in shape and be healthy.

It is not enough that only the grownups do exercises and adhere to diets to keep fit. It is essential that the whole family is incorporated into exercise routines and health programs.

This way, the whole family, especially the children, can train their bodies from a young age, bond with the family, socialize, and have fun. And for adults, aside from staying fit, it’s a good way to relieve stress and tension from work.


family exercisesOther Benefits to Working Out as a Family

It also helps them to develop the right body structure and health so that they can be at less risk of getting lifestyle diseases.

Since some of the exercises people do may not be suitable for kids, it is essential to find out functional exercise activities for the whole family.


Without further ado, here are the top 5 family exercises you can engage in for fitness.

1. Family Friendly Exercise #1: Walking


Cute and stylish family walking funThis is the easiest and most common exercise that people take for granted.

It seems to be so simple and you may not feel the effects or see the results very fast, however, walking has been proven to be one of the most excellent ways to keep in shape. It is very convenient for the whole family because you do not need any financial investment to get started.

You can choose to walk on your sidewalk to a destination, for example, the grocery store on days that you all agree on. If you do not have a sidewalk, you can walk on a road that is not very busy, and you can set the distance you want to walk for.


2. Family Friendly Exercise #2: Hiking

family friendly exercisesThis is particularly recommended for people that live near hills. Hiking can be done regularly with short intervals.

For example, you may decide to spend two weekends every month to go hiking. You can pick different trails every time. The length of the time you spend hiking and the distance you cover should be agreed upon after careful consideration of the state of the family members.

Hiking, like walking, is a perfect family exercise because it is very cheap and you do not need to buy any equipment. It is also easy to do, and the risk of accidents and injuries is minimal.


3. Family Friendly Exercise #3: Yoga

yoga meditation for family exercisesYoga has ancient  Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, and it is mainly used for spiritual training and discipline. However, many people today use yoga as a physical exercise to keep fit and healthy.

Doing yoga at home with the whole family is easy to do. All you need to do is to ensure that you have a carpet or even an actual yoga mat and you are in comfortable clothing. You can begin with the easier poses and then slowly work your way to the slightly challenging ones.

The benefits of yoga are that it takes a short time to do, and the effects are visible fast.

In addition to physical exercise, it also helps you to relax. Yoga is also perfect for bonding with your family.

If you a beginner, check out this really simple Beginner Yoga Exercise article.

Ensure that you are continually looking for new poses so that it does not become boring and too easy.


4. Family Friendly Exercise #4: Moderate Weight Lifting

This is very common for many people. A lot of people go to the gym to lift weights. Weights are excellent because they help to tone down the body and also gain muscles and strength. Since it is impossible to carry the children with you when you go to the gym, you can bring some of the fun activities you do in the gym to them.

Depending on their ages and capabilities, you can get your children some containers they can lift without hurting themselves or straining too much.

You can also get lighter weights to use indoors like dumbbells  or kettlebells to ensure that no accidents can happen when working out. This will help your whole family to keep fit and be active at the same time.

Or if High-Intensity Interval Training is your family’s thing and not weights, check this article; 5-MOVE HIIT WORKOUT you can do at home.


5. Family Friendly Exercise #5: Take up a Sport

You can come up with a sport to play with your family. Consider the likes of every member of the family and select a sport that will be interesting to play. The sport you choose should be engaging like basketball, football, or even tennis.

One great sport that also teaches discipline and self-defense is MMA. Grab a pair of MMA gloves and book some classes every month. The classes will be well worth your time.

Depending on the resources you have and the size of your lawn, you can design a porch whereon you can play these games regularly.

You can also find a public sports ground that offers these amenities where you will go to play periodically. Whichever game you choose, ensure that you are all comfortable and safe to play.

For a simple MMA workout: CLICK HERE.


Conclusion- Family Exercises

Family fitnessExercise and staying fit should be done by all family members. It improves the family’s health and strengthens the bond of the family. An often neglected, but a very important matter, is that one sick member of the family affects the entire family so keeping everyone fit is a victory for the entire family.

Too busy to go outside and do some activities? Check out some good cardio workouts you can do at home.

When you are picking and choosing the exercises to do, ensure that they are all safe and they are not too strenuous. This will help you avoid accidents when engaging in the family workout and also make it fun so that all members of the family look forward to it.

*This is a Guest Post submitted by Helen at Mom Bureau and edited by Johnathan


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  1. Wow this is a great idea! Working out with the whole family is a great way to share laughter and hardwork. This will also help to strengthen the bond and will make fun memories when the kids are older. It will also help them to stay active and take a time out from the mobile phones and other gadgets. Thank you for sharing this.

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