5-MOVE HIIT WORKOUT you can do at home

HIIT Workout plank position

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Very few people like to walk for an hour+ just to burn the proper amount of calories. What if you could burn more calories in half the time of your regular workout?

The HIIT workout method not only makes this possible, but many times, it over-delivers.  HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training.

These exercises are designed to burn massive amounts of calories and stubborn fat. ‘Interval training” is designed to give you a short burst of intense exercise and then short “break exercises” to keep your body moving like marching in place.

Before getting into the workout, it’s worth noting that you should consult with a medical professional to see if you are healthy enough to do these physically-demanding types of exercises. We don’t recommend random morning HIIT sessions.

You should start each HIIT workout with a short warm up to get your blood circulation going.

Alright, let’s get into it:




Hiit workout- hiit exercise#1 BOX JUMPS

When it comes to HIIT workouts, the Box Jump is one of the best for burning fat. It helps you target and tone abdominal and lower body muscles quickly. Ideally, you also should have an elevated surface in front of you (steps with enough surface area, etc.)



Stand upright, facing the elevated surface with your feet together. Keep your hands out in front of you in “ready position.” This will be your default position.

Squat down keeping your arms and legs aligned. This is the “box.” Make sure that you bend at the knees and keep your torso straight

Jump onto the elevated surface, swinging your arms forward in the process.

As you land, bend at the hips back to squat position to reduce the impact.

Reverse the motion, jumping back down to the original level.

# of Reps: 10

# of sets 3


 ***To increase the intensity, increase the height of the surface. You can also use arm weights or leg weights to get an extra burn.



side lunges- explosive intense#2 ALTERNATING EXPLOSIVE LUNGES

If you are looking for a workout to tone your lower body muscles quickly, these explosive lunges will do the trick.



Get into a deep forward lunge position by taking a right step forward and keeping your other left leg back enough so that your left knee almost comes in direct contact with the floor. Your hands should practically be able to touch the floor on your sides.

In one explosive motion, jump up and switch leg-lunge position from your right leg to your left. As you land, bend back into the 90 Degree angle position to reduce the impact.

Continue alternating legs, making sure you keep your torso straight the whole time.

# of Reps: 10 on each leg

# of sets 3


 ***To increase the intensity, try adding arm weights or leg weights.



best hiit workout burpeesThere is a reason why this exercise is so famous among fitness trainers. It is incredibly effective for burning fat quickly and getting a more toned look. However, there is a specific way to do them to avoid injuries.



Stand up straight with a wide stance and with your arms at your sides

Drop down into the frog position, moving your arms inside of your legs

With your arms on the ground explosively shoot your legs back to the pushup position. Make sure that your body is straight

Perform a regular pushup, but, on the way up, jump with your back legs to form the frog position.

Jump explosively straight up into the air. Bring your arms up to the sky as if you were forming a Y for YMCA (this will give you a more explosive feel).

On the way down, bend slightly at the knees to reduce direct impact. Get your arms back to your sides and repeat.

# of Reps: 10-15 (if you can help it, don’t stop in between reps)

# of sets 3


 ***If you’re really up for a challenge, try adding a weighted vest, arm weights or leg weights.




hiit workout jumping side jack with uppercutThis takes you back to TAE-BO days of at-home workouts. It’s simple yet powerful.


Get into a wide stance with your arms bent at about a 60 and 90-degree angle. Left arm forward protecting your face and right arm at your side set up for an uppercut (It may feel unnatural but try it).

In one motion, jump in with your legs and at the same time perform an uppercut with your right arm. Try to keep your torso as straight as possible.

Jump back out moving your legs to their original wide stance, while at the same time setting up for an uppercut with your left arm

In one motion, jump in with your legs and at the same time perform an uppercut with your left arm.

Notes: It may take some time to get into the right rhythm/sync with this exercise, but don’t let that stop you. Also, a common mistake is giving jellyfish punches. PUNCH for real, flexing all of your arm muscles! It makes this more fun and more challenging.

# of Reps: 20-30 (One rep consists of the right uppercut followed by left uppercut)

# of sets 3


 ***If you’re really up for a challenge, try adding arm weights or leg weights.



Mountain Climbers- best hit workoutReal-life Mountain Climbing requires a lot of upper body and core muscles. You may not be getting the full effect of a climb, but if you keep your core tight during this exercise, you’ll get a good calorie burn and attack belly fat.


Assume the plank position (pretending like you’re about to do a push up). Make sure that your body is straight and that your arms are aligned with your shoulders (not forward or backward)

Bring one leg/knee forward into your chest while the other leg sustains your plank position. Keep your core tight the whole time.

Alternate legs and do this continuously so that you never have both legs back at any time. Make sure you keep your neck is in a neutral spine position.


Time: 30 Seconds to 1 minute

# of sets 3


 ***If you’re really up for a challenge, try adding a weighted vest or leg weights.

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