Best Protein Shake with No Protein Powder

Protein shake no protein powder

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No protein powder. We’ve been here before- walking down the grocery aisle and seeing a protein powder that we think will solve all of our problems – helping us to keep muscle and lose fat.

No protein powderBut when you pull out our calculator, you may realize it is not in your budget. What if you could get the same results with no protein powder?

Protein Powder can be expensive, especially over time. The average cost for quality protein powder is one dollar per serving, NOT INCLUDING the cost of the other ingredients you add, such as fresh fruits and/or greek yogurt.

While we don’t condone protein powder, we do acknowledge that for some people, it is out of their range and could be an unnecessary expense if they already have other foods lying around.

Because of that, we have developed a solution with no protein powder.


Why “No Protein Powder” is Not a Problem

You will still get significant gains without protein powder. Some people don’t like the idea of supplementing foods or spending a lot of money on a nutrition product, and that is perfectly ok.

no protein powder- toned womenMost protein powders give you about 24 grams per scoop. This shake has more than that and is all-natural.

All of the items can be found at your local grocery store, eliminating any excuses for not getting shredded.

When we put together this recipe, we also kept in mind that you don’t want to wake up in the morning drinking some pasty and tasteless shake that makes you want to puke when you get close to it.

Therefore, we have packed it with healthy flavor and left it fully customizable. If you want more flavor or take away certain calories, feel free to do so.

Just keep in mind that this recipe is difficult to mess up as long as you include the original ingredients listed below:



No protein powder- Greek yogurt

1 Normal-size Container of Low-fat Greek Yogurt

17 Grams of protein


No protein powder- almond milk

1 cup of Whole or Almond Milk

Most have around 2 grams of protein. There is higher-protein milk on the market, but you’ll most likely end up spending more than if you were to just pay for the higher-protein milk

Most Almond milk has fewer calories but just as much (if not more) calcium and protein as whole milk or 1% milk.


No protein powder- oats

A 1/2 cup of Oats

Great for a pre-workout

5.5 Grams of Protein


No protein powder- strawberries1 Cup of Frozen or Fresh Strawberries or Raspberries

We prefer frozen for a better texture, but if you don’t have time, no problem.

Raspberries have more protein than strawberries, but they are generally more expensive.

1-4 gram of Protein


Without protein powder- Bananas1 Whole Banana

1.5 Grams of Protein




Without protein powder- Bananas1 Tbsp of Peanut Butter

If you love peanut butter, this is your chance to indulge.

Despite the fat content, it is a perfect solution to no protein powder.

3.5 Grams Per spoon.


5 Ice Cprotein shake no protein powder- iceubes

For Texture.

If you use frozen strawberries, you can skip these.

Just make sure your blender is compatible and use the pulsing option if you have it.



Other Optional Flavor Boost – 10 Frozen or fresh Blackberries

blackberries no protein powder

Can be expensive based on where you live.

Only 1 Gram of Protein.





  1. Place all ingredients into a blender starting with the ice cubes
  2. Blend until the texture is nice and consistent
  3. Taste-test the smoothie and adjust the flavor to your liking (add blackberries or more banana).
  4. Enjoy and get ready for your workout.




This shake is a powerful option for those who want to avoid the high cost or simply try this natural alternative to regular protein-powder shakes.

If you want a full list of what you should be consuming Pre, during, and post-workout, click here. 

protien powderIt is important to remember that protein plays an essential role in all of our bodily functions. It is necessary for each cell to survive. However, it isn’t the only thing our body needs to run efficiently.

If you are eating a lot of protein and skipping out on carbs entirely, it can actually decrease your performance and state of health. WebMD explains that when people switch to the high protein/low carb diet, they put themselves in a state called ketosis.

Ketosis is a state in which your body is no longer using carbs, but rather its fat to fuel bodily functions. While a lot of you are ok with how that sounds, other non-aesthetic side effects result from this state, including extreme loss of appetite and increased elimination of bodily fluids.

Some people love the keto diet, and we agree it is excellent for some people, but at the same time, we encourage you to keep your nutrients diverse.

There is no problem getting toned or cutting, but you should do it safely- and this new recipe should help.


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If this recipe sounds like too much for you, and you would rather find a protein powder suited for you, click here for our 2021 review of the Best Protein Powder.

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