The Best Rowing Machine of 2021

Best Rowing Machine

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Rowing machines are meant to make you experience outdoor rowing, minus the water.
This fitness machine provides not only convenience but the comfort of doing workout routines in your home.

Rowing machines are great for various reasons. Just like real outdoor rowing, it gives your whole body a great workout that you need for your overall physique.

We’ve taken the time to analyze the list of the best rowing machines of 2021. Enjoy:


#1 Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine (Best Overall)

Keep track of your record to the LCD monitor, that’s just right for an enjoyable and intense workout at home. This rowing machine features eight various levels of adjustable tension that you can try it—engineer to quieter and more improved magnetic tension system to make you more equipped in your workout routines. With the LCD monitor, you’ll be able to track your burn calories and rows done.

Try different patterns and keep stimulating your muscles. Experience convenience with its comfortable and large padded seat built-in transport wheels and anti-slip foot pedals in a way you get to experience outdoor rowing in real-time.

This rowing machine can handle different fitness levels and body size. It’s made out of a durable stainless steel mainframe to withstand any, whether it suits people weighing a maximum of 250 pounds. This low impact exercise is perfect for endurance training. You may also use it as one of your routines for a recovery workout.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
noise level is minimal
low-impact exercise
magnetic tension system

Value: Check the Price on Amazon here

Verdict: If you need a low impact rowing machine, you can’t find a better one on the market. You can keep your routine and simply increase the intensity level.


#2 Proform 750r Rowing Machine (Best for Personalized Workouts)

Experience a gym-quality workout you can have right in the corner of your home with this excellent rowing machine. Note that the iPad membership is sold separately, I think it is a perfect upgrade to the personal training that you do at home.

The Proform being an Ifit helps you to train with the best coaches around the world. The only thing you need to do is find a coach who’s fit for you with global workout as its best feature. It makes you experience real-time ruling in a real-world terrain. Thanks to its resistance matching technology. There are virtual studio classes that you can attend to.

It also has personalized workouts wherein three personally tailored workouts are sent to your equipment every day. These workouts are based on your interests and fitness level.

The Space Saver design is a bonus wherein you can fold it for storage after workout engaging, isn’t it?

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
oversized steel seat Must have Ifit to use all features
soft-touch handle
water-resistant handle
pivoting pedals

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict: For a personalized Rowing Machine, Look no further. If you already have Ifit, this is by far the best rowing machine for you.


#3 Adjustable Resistance Rowing Machine (Best for Budget)

This is one of the best rowing machines on the market, with a unique handlebar structure.

Foam handlebars and pivoting pedals amplify your workout by giving you an authentic rowing experience that targets muscles in your core back, shoulders—toning your muscles while doing your exercise with 12 levels of adjustable hydraulic resistance.

Superior quality railing and low profile design keep the rowing machine stable while offering a slight incline for a better leg workout.

Challenge yourself on the heavy-duty steel frame supporting an incredible 350 pounds. A sizeable padded seat supports you during longer exercise routines to keep you motivated and watch as you crush your fitness goals.

Magnetic based rowing machine. Time distance, speed, affordability.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
quick installation hydraulic resistance pump heats up pretty quick
Lightweight yet durable and stable
very affordable
foldable equipment

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict: If the price is your only deterrent to buying a good rowing machine, this is the best rowing machine for you.


#4 Stamina  1333 Precision Rowing Machine (Best for Weight Loss)

This rowing machine is ideal for a full-body workout.

The beauty with this rowing machine is that it involves your muscles, the arms, legs, books, back end apps, all in low impact routines.  It has a large LCD monitor where you can monitor the distance, amount of calories burned, and interval time of the workout. The programs are easy to read and navigate.

This 55-pound rowing machine has back support to lessen the cost possibility of swollen back in the future. The seat is large enough for someone to fit, and it’s padded as well for comfort. It has dual rolling padded handles with aluminum rolling beans. The pivoting footplates are adjustable to the tensions that are easy to dial upward or downward, and it also stays consistent.

The wheels are there for secure storage, and the equipment is floor-friendly as its ends are protected with plastic end caps to prevent your floor from possible damages over time. When sitting up, make sure that the bolts are appropriately categorized as they all look similar.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
adjustable shock resistance Price point
deluxe rowing seat
large LCD monitor
aluminum rowing beam

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict:  If you’re not worried about the price and you want to lose weight, this is the best rowing machine for you.

#5 Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine (Durability Mention)

This one features eight various customizable settings to achieve your desired cardio workout with this rowing machine you get to experience a full-body workout right in the comfort of your home. Its foot platforms are adjustable and engineered with straps so that you can comfortably roll without any hassle.

It’s designed with a durable film handle for non-slip grip features. The seat itself is padded for convenience in a comfortable position. You can even press Longer strength even in the toughest exercises, comfy and durable; it can withstand a lot of pressure and protect your muscles from fatigue.

Track your RPM settings; calories burn time, distance, and speed with an easy to read computer display, you may adjust the intensity that you think fits your capacity.

This rowing machine is made out of a solid steel frame.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Solid steel frame
Eight resistance setting

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict: If you are looking for a durable rowing machine that you can move easily, this is the best rowing machine for you.

Nothing beats spending your money one time and not having to worry if you are going to have to process a return in a couple of months.


#6 12 Level Resistance Rowing Machine with Independent Arms (Honorable Mention)

This rowing machine features the 12 resistance power to give you the real experience of outdoor rowing. It’s engineered with a pair of full-motion independent resistant arms as an additional challenge. It will work out both the lower and upper extremities.

Indeed a full-body workout. Its seat is fully padded, and the handlebars are non-slip grip capable of providing optimal comfort. The padded seat ensures that you get proper blood flow during Long and vigorous activity intends to relieve the pressure points.

The anti-slip pedals are easy to use as they are equipped with adjustable foot straps for more convenience. They also secure your leg drive mechanics during the whole workout session, monitoring your progress with the LCD monitor, which shows the speed, distance, calories burned, and time tracks.

With this home gym equipment, you get to save time from going to the gym. In a way, you’ll never miss a workout and feel the relaxing vibe of working out at the comfort of your home.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Non-slip handlebars
Full motion arms
LCD Digital Display
Large Anti-slip foot pedals

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict: This is another good one to look at in comparison to the others. It has a mix of features that the one you picked may be missing. Look at this one before deciding on a purchase.


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