Top 5: Best Yoga Mats of 2021

Yoga Mats

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Yoga is one of the best flexible workouts. It requires very little equipment to get started, but you can’t ignore the apparent need for a yoga mat.

Hardly anyone has a squeaky clean floor. A yoga mat allows you to be clean and enjoy your workouts without slipping and feeling like you’re body is picking up dirt and other particles on the floor.

We know there are a lot of lousy yoga mats on the market that break down easily. That’s why we compiled a list of the best yoga mats of 2021 on the market. Let’s get started.


1. Manduka Pro Light Yoga Mat (Best Overall)


Blue best yoga matsIf you want the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with this yoga mat. It is moderate in size but superior in comfort and padding. People rave about this brand, and we do as well.

It’s made with a nontoxic emissions-free manufacturing process. It is latex-free.- for those who have latex allergies.

Most people find that the width and thickness of the mat are perfect.

The non-slip texture provides comfort and allows for the perfect amount of stickiness to give you the stability you need for your yoga workout.

One thing we love about this yoga mat is the durability. It will last you years and years. If you are into fashion, you can choose from a lot of vibrant colors to stand out at your yoga studio.


What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
One size fits most Slippery if you sweat a lot
Lifetime Guarantee
Double-sided mat
Nontoxic emission-free manufacturing

Value: Check price on Amazon here

Verdict:  If you want a good yoga mat that will last you a long time. You can’t go wrong with the lifetime guarantee. The durability and tear-resistant structure are a great match.


2. Aurorae Printed Extra Thick (Best for Heavy-Set)

long purple best yoga mats

This non-slip yoga mat is excellent for heavier-set people. The extra thickness also helps with strain on your joints, such as wrists and knees.

It is free of rubber, silicone, and latex, which could cause an allergic reaction for some. The size of the mat is comparable to many other mats reviewed here, but the thickness of this mat is one of the largest on this list. The yoga mat is 6.35 millimeters thick.

Even though the mat is thick, it only has a shipping weight of 3.32 pounds- classifying it as a lighter mat.


What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Extra thickness Can become slightly sticky over time
Still smells good even if it’s sweaty

Value: Check prices on Amazon here

Verdict: If you are a little heavier-set, this yoga mat is the best for you. The added thickness makes your experience more comfortable for any yoga pose.


3. Jade Harmony Yoga Mat (Best Quality)

purple rolled up best yoga mats

This Jade yoga mat is one of the most popular open-cell yoga mats. It absorbs sweat and can be more slip-resistant than other mats.

The yoga mat is an inch thick, which gives you excellent traction and cushion, while still providing good stability for your yoga poses. The mat is available in varying lengths for people of all sizes. An extra-wide version is also available for those who like the extra room on their yoga mats.

It is made with open cell natural rubber, which has a much stronger grip and more cushioning than any synthetic rubbers on the market. The brand takes pride in providing products that are sustainably produced with eco-friendly material. It is also made in the United States of America.


What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
The cushion on the mat is pretty minimal Rubbery smell
Superior quality
Different sizes to choose from

Value: Check prices on Amazon here

Verdict: If you are looking for a comfortable thick yoga mat that utilizes natural and sustainable quality materials that help not only the environment but your yoga poses, this is the best mat for you.

4. Manduka Pro Yoga (Best Everyday Mat)

Black and red best yoga matsWith it’s luxuriously soft and high-end quality, the yoga zeal is lightweight and flexible for your daily yoga needs. The Manduka Pro is ideal for all types of use and general practice. It has a responsive grip to reduce injuries during yoga sessions, along with it being washable.

The Manduka Pro comes in two sizes. The standards measure in at 71 x 24 and weighs 7.5 pounds. The extra-long is 85 x 26 and weighs in at 9.5 pounds. Both sizes are moderately thick at 5.8 millimeters, but the weight of these mats proves that the material is dense.

It has an ultra-absorbent suedelike top layer that is bonded to a natural rubber base. This mat is built to last, backed by a lifetime guarantee. With unique limited edition designs, it’s perfect for the fashion-conscious yoga enthusiast.


What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Provides stability on hard or soft surfaces Slippery if you’re sweaty
100% latex-free
Lifetime guarantee

Value: Check prices on Amazon here

Verdict: Stop comprising with cheap mats, this lifetime guaranteed yoga mat not only is comfortable for everyday use but also helps reduce injuries with its grip to help you even in your most challenging yoga poses.

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat (Best Budget Option)

Black grey and white designed best yoga mats Gaiam created this mat to be extra thick, but it falls in near the middle of this list as far as that measurement is concerned, measuring only six millimeters thick. It’s also one of the smallest yoga mats of the market.

Luckily it is lightweight, although unlike the Manduka mats, that means it’s less dense and may not provide the same level of comfort. This mat has a somewhat tacky feel, making it hard to slip while using it.


What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Lightweight No carrying straps
Tacky non-slip texture Rubber smell

Value: Check prices on Amazon here

Verdict: If you don’t want to spend a lot on a yoga mat and are willing to sacrifice some comfort during your yoga routine, this mat is a great option for you.

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Hopefully, by the end of this article, you have chosen one of the best yoga mats on the market. If you are new to yoga, check out our beginner yoga workout.

Hot yoga is also becoming increasingly popular. If you want to start hot yoga, click here.


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