The Best KettleBell Set of 2021

best kettlebell set

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Say hello to these great molds of metal, known as kettlebells. They can play a powerful role in your fitness routine, help you recover from an injury or just to keep you fit.

Just like you, we are also passionate about fitness, and we know the importance of kettlebells for an in-home workout routine. Hence, we have exhausted multiple days to research and have gathered the best kettlebell sets of 2021.

For those who don’t know, kettlebells are made up of cast iron or steel, coated with vinyl, enamel, rubber, etc. The best kettlebells are just one piece of solid metal. We recommend that you stay away from kettlebells that have handles attached to them externally because the weight might fly away and knock somebody over.  If you’re cynical and think what is bad in that? Then what if he/she dodges and it breaks your brand-new Tesla Model 3 windshield? Are you feeling the pain now? Good! It could be hazardous.

Kettlebell sets are steadier and more modest than barbells, making them a favorite part of Crossfit and functional fitness training routines. Also, Kettlebells are great to strengthen your core with exercises like Kettlebell Swings, KettleBell Deadlift, and the Turkish Getups. Check out our article for a full-body kettlebell workout here.

That being said, check out our list!

We’ve evaluated each KettleBell set based on below four criteria:

  1. Weight limits
  2. Overall Structure and design
  3. Value (cost vs. quality)
  4. Durability

If you know what you’re looking for already scan our good old handy-dandy table of contents:


#1 Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells (Best Overall)

It may not seem like it, but it takes a lot for us to rate a product “best overall.” The Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells are super strong, durable, and provide a wider and firmer grip than most. They are both “floor-friendly” and “user- friendly.”

This kettlebell set is a solid cast iron model with no welds, giving it a solid feel and providing you with confidence while using it. It is not going to break anytime soon, with regular use.

The slightly wider handle with 8.87 inches width provides a good space for both the hands to fit in and the total height of each one gives an overall controlled feeling.

Some people are not fans of vinyl. Vinyl has its perks and downsides.

On the one hand, the outer vinyl coating of these kettlebells gives you a softer feel and also makes them easier on your floors — a bonus for in-home gyms.

On the other hand, the vinyl adds a slight layer which can lead to wobbling, but let’s face it, you don’t want something that sticks to the floor like an old piece of gum, do you?

As far as durability, these kettlebells are rated very highly, especially when you consider the relatively low cost. They will serve you well if you are looking to build strength or stay safe from injury in a relaxed in-home workout setting. I recently was fooled into buying a vacuum that ended up puffing smoke by the second week; needless to say; I really got smacked in the face with a lesson on durability.

What customers are saying:

Customers generously appraise the Yes4All Kettlebells. They have high ratings across the board with over 560 reviews. Phrases like “Good quality and size,” and “Excellent value for this equipment!” were common. We like to give you the full story, even if it’s negative. The only real customer complaints involved packaging and accuracy of weight stated. Some felt they were not the exact specified weight. But it is worth noting that these comments were sparse.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Floor-friendly Weight issues
Wide Grip

Value: Check the price on Amazon here

Verdict: If you are looking for durable and solid kettlebell, which will not break your beloved wooden floor, that too in reasonable price Yes4All Vinyl Coated Kettlebells is ideal for you. Hope the vinyl coating stay intact while you unpack them, and you will adore them for sure.


#2 Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebell (Best for Comfort)

Kettlebell Kings are surely the kings of making comfortable, quality kettlebells. Their products are “single cast iron” made through gravity-casting. This ensures an even finish and an accurate weight distribution for the strength and durability of the metal. There are no added molds, plugs, or inserts that sometimes lead to product breakdown.

As with most kettlebells, there is a flat bottom finish, but this one is notably stable (no wobbling). The bottom finish is very durable and nearly impossible to remove.

The most striking feature of Kettlebell Kings kettlebells is the powder coating. This enables great performance due to a firm grip even without chalk. Moreover, the powder coating makes the metal more immune to corrosion, scratches, and damages.

A thick 33mm handle is fitting for a majority of hand sizes. It is neither too thick nor too thin. Moreover, the colored markings on different weight kettlebells are a big help in recognizing your desired kettlebell in a glance.

Since the prices for these kettlebells are considerably high, they are ideal for people who are looking for a one-time investment and don’t want to ever think about having to purchase them again. Each kettlebell comes with a lifetime warranty- Making it a no brainer, especially for gym owners or in-home gym enthusiasts.

What customers are saying:

Customers L.O.V.E love this product.  There are almost no bad reviews. Customers share the same responses such as  “Excellent Quality, Price, and Customer Service!” and “Looks and feels great!”  After really diving deep to find just one negative review, in order to be unbias, someone mentioned they didn’t like the powder coating.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Powder coating Expensive
Great grip
Solid structure

Value: Check the price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you are a gym owner or an “at-home exercise enthusiast” and want your equipment to be high quality and stand out, kettlebell kings is right for you. If the prices scare you, don’t worry because there are other options in this list that will fit your needs.


#3 Kettle Gryp – Adjustable Travel gear (Best Adjustable Kettlebell)

This one is awesome. Especially if you already have free weights. It is one of those “kettlebell hacks” that is recent in conception. Kettle GrypTM gives you everything you want. Generic kettlebells are static loads so if you want to have an extensive range of weights you need to buy them in sets or individually. Kettle Gryp solves that problem.

It just transforms a regular old dumbbell into a kettlebell. It is extremely portable and can be taken pretty much wherever you want- which is not at all possible with normal kettlebells.

Even people who already have kettlebells may want this product just for “on-the-go” fitness. Just imagine trying to carry multiple kettlebells on a road trip– they might tear a hole in your bag and smash your toe. Wuuf! This is a much better alternative.

Maybe you have had the joy of a stare down at the gym just to get the kettlebell with the proper weight. Perhaps you have lost the rhythm of a good workout because someone was hogging the one kettlebell you wanted to use.

Kettlebells often accompany dumbbells in a gym setup, so Kettle Gryp will give you that flexibility to choose between dumbells and a regular kettlebell.

While it is very economical, providing you a range of weights in one static price, it is worth noting that one size does not fit all. Kettle Gryp is designed to hold most dumbells up to 55 lbs.

To be on the safe side- each Kettle Gryp comes with an iron-clad lifetime warranty. So if you decide it’s not for you, you can get a refund or replacement later on.


What customers are saying:

Well, as you can guess, customers are happy with the given liberty the Kettle Gryp gives them. It is rated highly, with most people applauding the innovative style and durability. The only negative reviews we found involved random cases of a dumbbell not being compatible and a harder-to-open clasp.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Adjustable weight Compatibility issues with certain dumbbells

Value: Check the price on Amazon Here

Verdict: This is perfect for 3 different people: 1. A person with limited space 2. Someone who travels often and wants to take fitness on-the-go 3. An at-home exercise lover. The Kettle Gryp is not for you if you want high weight limits (above 55lb)  or for some reason don’t have access to a variety of dumbbells.


#4 AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells  (Best Value)

Amazonbasics fitness gear series does not need an introduction as they have introduced many competitive products in diversified gym equipment categories. Obviously, some are better than others, but these Cast Iron Kettlebells, in particular, stand out.

There is not much to explain because these are traditionally designed with solid cast iron. There are no joints or attachments. It just gives you an authentic feeling and the promise to last for a long time.

Each kettlebell comes with a painted exterior for increased protection against rust and tears.

The kettlebell has a smoothly rounded handle for a reliable grip. And it is worth mentioning that the width of the handle is good enough to accommodate a range of hand sizes for a comfortable grasp.

That being said, we feel that Amazon “one-year warranty” is quite a bit less as compared to competitors who offer extended or lifetime warranties.

What customers are saying:

Many are pleased with the performance of this kettlebell; hence, it has positive ratings and reviews. Most agree that the price is more than fair and that it is a great basic kettlebell. A few customers, however, also expressed concerns about the handle’s finish being consistent.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Durable 1-year warranty
Wide handle
Textured grip

Value: AmazonBasics Cast Iron Kettlebells

Verdict: If you are just getting started with kettlebells and are looking for a reasonable cost, this is right for you. There is a wide range of weights to choose from.


#5 CAP Barbell Vinyl-Cement Kettlebell  (Best for Budget)

Unlike the kettlebells we discussed above, this one is made up of the plastic body filled with cement. This is the main reason why the company can bring the price down for budget-conscious buyers.

30 lbs are 30 lbs. These are well made and durable. While it is not the best, it still has some good features like the protective vinyl shell which keeps the kettlebell from damaging your floors. As well as the Wide handles to help with better grip and control during a workout.

The use of plastic and cement make this kettlebell bulkier as compared to metal kettlebells of the same weight. And it lacks that feeling of doing a kettlebell-swing with a dense traditional kettlebell.

The size of this kettlebell is an issue for some customers. If you get the 30-pound kettlebell, it is like holding a mini bucket of dried cement.

What customers are saying:

Customers give this product good ratings. Those who reviewed this product stated that they were pleased with the durability and cost, but some found the sizes “hilariously large” for the weight. They also commented that the Vinyl coating was quality and effective- which is something we didn’t hear about many other kettlebells.


What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Low cost Large size
Vinyl coating Thin grip

Value: Check prices on Amazon Here

Verdict: We will say that these are good for people on a tight budget- who want to have a quality product for almost half of the price of other brands. But if you are not in a tight bind, we recommend the fully-molded steel versions listed above.


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