Nutrition Diet | What Is Proper for Pre-, During, And Post-Workout?

Proper Nutrition Diet

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This could make or break your goal (whether it’s weight loss or bodybuilding).

No one wants to get this wrong- which is why we have put together a complete guide to pre-, during and post-workout dieting.

Some people incorrectly assume that you can get away with starving yourself or just eating junk food in smaller quantities. There are alternative solutions such as an intermittent fast.

Most people don’t diet right because they have been flooded with dumb advice and fake images from Instagram or Youtube. We are here to dispel the rumors.

A nutrition diet is just as, if not more, critical than your actual workout. 


Pre-Workout Nutrition Diet – Is it Even Important?

Nutrition is perhaps the most critical factor in a healthy lifestyle.

Failing to eat before you work out can cause a lack of performance and put you at serious risk for health problems.

The right amount of fuel and nutrients are needed for our bodies to perform at a maximum level.

Since massive meals delay leaving the stomach, a process known as “gastric emptying”, these meals could be bringing down your body’s uptake of vitamins. They should be avoided pre- and post-workout.

The most effective exception might be if you plan on running intensely for longer than 90 minutes, wherein case your body should use fat calories as gas.


How and When to eat your Pre-workout Meal

Make sure that you give your body enough time to digest the food.

If your meal is smaller, you may only need 30 minutes to an hour to wait before working out. But if you eat a more substantial meal, it can take 2-3 hours for your body to be able to digest the food properly so that you can use it. 

Our advice: simply think ahead.

A good pre-workout meal should increase your glycogen levels allowing your metabolism to run its natural course.

In short, your pre-workout meal should be full of fast-digesting proteins and slower-digesting carbs.


Practical Pre-Workout Meals to Burn Fat and Build Muscle:


1. Classic Egg [whites] and Toast:

If you are looking to lose fat, one of the best things you can do is build more muscle by consuming more proteins and eating fewer carbs. That way, your body has more “muscular engines” burning more of that annoying fat for you, even while you sleep.

Protein shakes are perfect for this. But if you don’t have good protein powder, you should consider a recipe for a protein shake with no protein powder.

Egg whites and whole grain bread are perfect. Egg whites are brief-digesting, and whole-grain bread is a brief and handy medium-digesting carb.

2. Low-Fat Milk and Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great pre-workout meal. Milk contains whey, which is an ideal protein, and the oats keep you feeling full because your body takes a longer time to digest them. This leaves you more focused on pumping out as many reps as you can, rather than thinking about your next meal!

3. Tuna and Brown Rice:

Although this may not sound as appealing as a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit, it will give your body what it needs for your workout.

Any light, low-fat fish will do, but most people find that nothing tops tuna for convenience.

Brown rice is there to add taste as well as to give you long term fuel (especially for lifts).

4. Ground Turkey, Black Beans, and Rice burrito:

diet nutrition

While this may require minimum meal prep, it is one of the tastier options.

Everyone loves a well-seasoned ground turkey burrito.

Add black beans, rice, and roll it up on a corn or flour tortilla (corn tortillas generally have fewer calories) for a great meal.

It actually gives you the benefit of having low-fat and high-energy.


During a Workout- What Foods Should You Eat During a Workout?

Proper Nutrition Diet

Just imagine someone bringing a table and a four-course meal to eat while you’re on a bench press table. It’s not meant to be. 

Eating mid-exercise doesn’t make much sense, not only because it’s inconvenient, but also due to the fact that your body would be rationing energy between digesting the food and exercising.

If you’re getting hungry during a workout, the best solution is to have a better pre-workout diet/nutrition plan.

By timing your pre-workout meal appropriately, you should have those vital macro-nutrients in your bloodstream for optimal performance.


What to DRINK During Your Workout

Hydration is a must, especially during a workout.

If you already know you’ll be training longer than an hour and a half, it is a good idea to bring something that not only keeps you hydrated but also gives you key nutrients that are lost during a workout. 

Flavored drinks, like coconut water, are great for workout hydration.


Post-Workout Nutrition Diet- The Importance

You shouldn’t do one without the other.

Vitamins are essential. Refueling your body after a workout is one of the most vital elements.

When you eat, insulin is released in your body which helps your cells (particularly muscle cells) to absorb sugar and ultimately burn more weight.

You will best inspire further macro protein breakdown and promote better recovery for your whole body.


What to Eat or Drink Immediately after Exercise

Two simple principles :

  1. Eat clean, nutrient-packed foods.
  2. Avoid Fats!

Fats must be largely averted right here, as they were most likely consumed (in low quantities) at some point of the pre-exercise meal.

Shakes are a perfect start to a post-workout meal. Check out our favorite juicers and food processors to make your own at home.


Why a Post-Workout Protein Shake?

The goal of right here is to fill up glycogen levels for a full-body recovery. Carbohydrates alone can accomplish this, but you get an even better result when you consume carbs/nutrients and proteins together.

Liquid nutrients are in the best form for digestion—precisely what you want after a tough gym or at-home workout. If you are serious about your exercise “gains,” you can’t skip a post-workout shake.

To get a good protein powder for weight loss and muscle toning, click here.


When to Eat Your Post-Workout Meal

You may be surprised to hear that eating within 30-45 mins after your workout is ideal.

Your post-workout meal should include some form of vegetables and include some form of fiber for your nutrition diet.

Once again, take note of protein, fats, and carbohydrate content, as this will affect how your body recovers and rebuilds tissue.


A Solution to go along with your Vegetables:


Chicken Breast and Pasta:                         

Prepare your lean piece of chicken breast with caution. Don’t overload on oil or fry in breadcrumbs.

Toss with tomato sauce or seasoned herbs to add a great taste to this simple meal.

Lean white meat is excellent for protein supply; a moderate amount of pasta gives you a healthy supply of carbs and doesn’t overload you with fats.


Nutrition Products you May Be Interested In:


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Dieting can’t be ignored whether that is before, during, or after a workout.

If you follow these tips, as far as what and when to eat, you’ll be on track for a much healthier life burning away excess fat all day long.


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