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After 15+ hours of research and careful sorting, we have created an exhaustive list of the Best Chin Up Bars of 2021 so you can quickly get to your favorite.

Nothing beats getting clean reps in on a reliable pull up bar, without the lurking thoughts of “Is this going to break/fall on me?” By the end of this article, you should know which of these pull up bars is right for you.

Keep in mind that Each chin up bar was rated based on 4 criteria:

1.Weight limits

2. Overall Structure and design

3. Value (cost vs quality)

4. Durability

If you know what you’re looking for already skip through our handy-dandy table of contents:

#1. Body Champ VKR1010 Fitness  Multi-Station (Best Overall)

Nothing beats a chin up bar with quality design and manufacturing. If you’re looking for the best deal on the market, and have a decent amount of money to pay for it, this is the one.

This Particular Body Champ multi-station comes equipped with 4 different stations for dynamic upper body/ab workouts. You get to use your full playbook of exercises with ease on this station. I personally love the ability to choose between archer pull ups and dips without having to move around or switch stations.

The built-in push up bar, pull up bar, and dip bar on a sturdy structure make it so much easier to experiment with new exercises without feeling like you’re going to break your equipment.

One thing you’ll have to consider when buying this stand-alone pull up bar station, as with most, is the assembly. While the durable D-Frame makes it incredibly stable, you do have to make sure that you tighten down the pieces properly. If done improperly, certain intense exercises may cause the station to wobble.

If you are into calisthenics exercises and want to get to the next level this is for you. It is also ideal for climbers, swimmers, or people who rely on their upper body strength for maximum performance.

It’s also worth noting the relatively low price compared to similar stand-alone pull up bars. Higher price tags don’t always mean higher quality products and the Body Champ VKR1010 Multi-Station is a good example.

The company body champ has been around for a significant amount of time (over 20 years), so you can trust that they’ve had experience in quality production.

What people are saying:

At this time the product has a high rating. Most reviews were the same: great design and sturdy and reliable. Some were slightly annoyed by the wobble which they noted mainly occurred during dips.

What we like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Great Durability Intermediate Assembly
Value Large (needed room)
Multiple Exercise Capacity

Value for the money- Check the Price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If you value quality and are an athlete in training or are focused on upper body exercises this would be a steal. For those who are not as serious about pull ups or simply don’t have the money to invest, there are others on this list will fit your criteria.


#2. IKON FITNESS Pull Up Bar (Best Value)

Two words: Unique and Durable.

We liked this pull up bar’s unique design and surprising strength, despite having no screws. Nothing beats not having to buy more equipment to effectively perform similar exercises. You can do dips on the ground and modified/inclined pushups with this particular model.

I’m guessing if you’re considering getting a pull-up bar you probably don’t weigh more than 400 lbs- but even if you do- it can handle up to 440 lbs! It is designed to accommodate all sizes including taller individuals. No more having to ball yourself up or lose perfect form to use a pull up bar.

Another cool feature is the non-slip foam to protect your hands from calluses and keep you from losing grip during those nice static hold.

That being said, one downside to this particular model is the wider dimensions. The one valid complaint that we found was the fact that this model doesn’t fit all doorways. You need a doorway with slightly-wider dimensions for it to work. It goes without saying that this is something you should check before committing to buy it.

Also, if you’re a stickler for details, some users have found that this pull up bar may cause small indentions in your wall due to excess pressure/weight. A quick side note is that if that is a concern, you may want to consider another pull up bar different from a doorway pull up bar because most of these doorway-pull up bars will leave at least some sort of impression on your frame.

On the upside, the manufacturer trusts in his/her product by backing it with a US Warranty. I, for one, always feel safer swiping my card or clicking “confirm and pay” when I know the product has more than a 30-day warranty.

What people are saying:

At the time of this review, the rating for the IKON FITNESS Pull Up Bar is high. Among the reviews, there was a 285 lbs man who verified his trust in the product’s durability, even with increased weight capabilities.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Durability Wider Dimension
Weight Limit Wall indention
Multi-workout capability

Value: Check the price on Amazon Here

Verdict: If it’s durability and workout flexibility you want, you can’t find another product to compete with its value.


#3. Garren Fitness Maximiza Pull Up Bar (Best for Budget)

Most door-mounted pull up bars rely on the backboard of the door frame to hold them up- but this one has a unique heavy-duty screw-in mount for the door frame. Depending on what mounts you use, the bar will be capable of handling anywhere from 150 to 300 lbs. That is a reasonable amount of weight, but not the best.

Some of the perks include relatively easy mounting and foam handles for better protection and grip. Also, you can adjust the width from 26 inches to 39 inches in order to fit your different door frames.

One thing to note is that you must mount it properly. Once installed properly, most users found this to be surprisingly durable and strong. We wouldn’t advise using weight vests or weight belts with this particular model but you can definitely increase your reps at a comfortable pace.

One of the common questions for people considering this was: How in the world do I install it? The answer is that when you open the box, you’ll find 2 sets of heavy-duty mounts and 1 set of medium-duty door mounts along with a handy-dandy instruction manual. For most people, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to install. You tighten the mounts onto the doorway using the indicated #of screws and connect the bar to the mount. One thing to note is that over-tightening the screws on the mounts could cause problems.

What people are saying:

As of now, this product has outstanding ratings. Most people commended the surprisingly durable structure and ease of installation. It is worth mentioning that out of the 500+ reviews a sprinkle of people still found it unfit for their needs.

What We Like (Pros) What We Don’t Like (Cons)
Relative Durability Very basic
Easy Install Weight limit depends on the mount (150-300)
Soft Grip

Value: Check the Price of Amazon Here

Verdict: It’s hard to beat the price for such a high quality pull up bar. If you’re the type of person who needs to save money but also needs to see some pull-up bar “gains” on a quality bar, this is most likely your best option.


#4. Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar (Best for Heavy-Weight Exercises)

Man does this look professional. Among all the pull up bars on this list, if I had a gym in my basement, I would choose this one. With a max capacity of 500 lbs, this thing is built to last.

I would even feel comfortable putting on a weight belt or heavyweight vest and knocking out some tough reps. That is what you can do with this particular one.

One big bum-ba-bum-bummer is the fact that you have to mount this one via 16″ wood and typically on a concrete wall. After reading almost all of the existing reviews on this model, if not all; the few lower ratings that exist typically had to deal with installation or packaging.

If you choose this one, just be aware that it comes in a huge box which some mistake for a household appliance. Installation is a lot better than most DIY projects. If you can use a basic power/impact drill, you’re probably qualified for the job.

This is probably not for a person who is passive about fitness. This is better for someone who has set aside time and space for his/her gym equipment and routine.

What people are saying:

At the time of this article, the rating for the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Chin Up Bar is very high. Let’s face it, any product with 400+ reviews that maintains a strong rating deserves attention.

What We Like (pros) What We Don’t Like (cons)
Durability Wider Space Needed
Weight Limit Intermediate Installation
Wider access

Value: Check Amazon for the Price Here

Verdict: If you’re the type of person who has your own gym set up and would like to start getting heavier reps in on a heavy duty pull bar, and you have space for it, this option is hard to beat.


 #5 Stamina Power Towers  

If you still want a stand-alone pull up bar station but don’t have the budget for option #1, this is a good alternative. Stamina Power Towers sounds cool, and it is even more affordable than option #1. We question how the company is even able to make a profit at the price point they’re selling it.

This Station is a one-stop body-fat burner. You get flexible workouts that you can do over and over. Like option #1, you get four different stations including your pull ups and dips. I don’t know about you, but I hate having to run up the stairs to grab extra equipment when I’m already in my zone. You can stay ultra-focused and feel safe on this device.

Other features include foam padded grips for comfort and an assembly guide. Once again, this is ideal for people who rely on their upper body for sports/hobbies (swimming, rock climbing, etc).

It’s worth mentioning that there is a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 90-day warranty on any assembly parts. To me, that says: Trust is not an issue, and durability isn’t either.

What people are saying:

There are consistently great reviews on this model (over 1300 ratings). It doesn’t take a neuro-biologist to know that there is something good about it. Duly noted, some consumers in the 220-250+ lbs range felt the workout station was inadequate for certain exercises with their specific weight. They stated that the frame was just a little shaky but that they couldn’t complain- due to the price.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Durability/warranty Intermediate Assembly
Price Space (larger)
Multiple Exercise Capacity Slightly-Less Sturdy

Value: Check out Amazon’s price here 

Verdict: If you need to do diverse weighted exercises but also have a lot of bills to pay, this one will do just fine.


Honorable Mentions

#6 Prosource Fit Multi-Grip Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar

As we both know Amazon’s Choice is not always our choice. While this didn’t make it on the top five list, it is worth mentioning. It is probably the least expensive in the list, but it also lacks the consistent quality feedback the other models on this list have received.

Some of the noted features are the 300 lbs weight limit and the padding for your hands. We also love the flexibility to change your grip. Thanks to this, different forearm, upper arm, and shoulder muscle groups can be targeted by just adjusting your positioning a little. Most other pull up bars do not offer this feature.

One of the biggest complaints we found was how the bar digs into the doorframe. Some people went as far as tying shirts with duck-tape on the ends that touch the wooden frames just to add some extra padding. While this is more common with door-mounted pull up bars, to us, the product designers really could have added more durable padding or a more distributed design.

Other complaints included the fact that the bar could not fit a specific door-frame as well as the fact that you have to assemble it. Honestly, the user-assembly is part of the reason why these bars break down so frequently. Some people don’t follow the instructions or tighten the screws improperly.

What people are saying:

The ratings are above average, but you do have to consider the pros and cons. Most positive reviews mention how you can’t beat the price and that they love the ease of use. Other buyers question the quality. One in particular, who weighed around 150 lbs, stated that he now has a bruise on his back due to a product defect.

To be fair, there are definitely more good reviews than bad ones, but it goes without saying that quality and proper assembly are things you have to consider. Overall there were too many questions left by these reviews, which is a big reason why we couldn’t justify putting it on the top 5 list.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Multi-grip capabilities Intermediate Assembly
Weight capacity for size Door indentations almost guaranteed
Low Cost Questionable reviews

Value: Check the Price on Amazon Here

Verdict: This is probably for a person who is concerned about cash who just wants to try pull-ups passively without paying the up-front cost for high quality.


#7 Ultimate Body Press Ceiling-Mounted Bar (Best Ceiling-Mounted Pull Up Bar)

This one is just too cool to leave out. You can mount it onto your ceiling for comfort and heavy-duty training.

Some features include dual-positioning for hands as well as the ergonomic foam design for your hands. The Manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but we would have liked to have seen a clear warranty.

Assembly requires you to mount a plate onto a sturdy fixture and screw it in. It isn’t as bad as you may think, but it’s definitely more difficult than most other models covered in this article.

What people are saying:

The Ratings are high on this pull up bar. Most people stated that they felt like it was heavy duty, but others claimed that it came with improper bolts. Overall we can say that it is better than most but requires careful installation.

What we Like (Pros) What we don’t like (Cons)
Multi-grip capabilities Intermediate Assembly
Unique mounting

Value: Check the price at Amazon Here

Verdict: This is probably for a person who lacks space and/or already has a lot of gym equipment is looking for alternative space to get some quality pull ups done. A great option.

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