The Best MMA Gloves of 2021

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Choosing the right equipment for MMA training is one of the keys to safe an effective performance. MMA gloves are every fighter’s pride. Most real fighters and trainees save their gloves forever.

Just like you, we are also passionate about martial arts and know the importance of having the right pair of MMA gloves. There is nothing like putting on a pair of gloves and having the confidence that they will both fit comfortably and last during the regular beatings.

Wearing improper gloves can cause you to train poorly and will, over time, lead to injuries such as hurting your wrists or knuckles. So we went ahead and did the heavy lifting for you, making a list of the Best MMA Gloves of 2021. By the end of this article, you should know which pair of gloves is right for you.


We’ve evaluated each pair of MMA Gloves based on below four criteria:

  1. Overall Structure and design
  2. Value (cost vs. quality)
  3. Durability


If you know what you’re looking for already, scan our good old handy-dandy table of contents:


#1 Venum Undisputed 2.0 (Best Overall)


Taking away the impact from your hands and the person or thing you are striking is critical. The Venum Undisputed 2.0 is made for that specific purpose. It has Nappa leather, designed with high-density stitching, is one of the top-selling MMA competition gloves on the market and is recommended for most trainees or aspiring athletes.

The interior of the glove is designed with ergonomic features such as a natural curve that meshes with your hand for maximum comfort. It also comes with a Velcro wrap and a double closure system that sits on your wrist for comfort, stability, and natural flexion. Each opening for the thumbs and fingers is reinforced to take in the shock for every strike. Meaning you won’t have to worry about excessive wear.

One of the only minor downsides we found was the exterior design. The image/logo is cool but not for everyone.


What People are saying:

Most people agree that the gloves were both comfortable and durable. One particular reviewer expressed how he was thankful he paid for leather because they have lasted him well even considering all of his kickboxing routines. However, it is also worth noting that a few people were dissatisfied by the overall knuckle protection. Which, depending on what you are hitting, may not adequately prevent wear and tear.


Pros Cons
Quality design Less of a Knuckle barrier

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Verdict: This particular model is good for people taking kickboxing classes and those who are interested in working out with a higher quality glove without breaking the bank. If you are on either extreme of training more professionally or “just for fun” we would recommend other models in this article. (Aka keep scrolling)


#2 RDX MMA Gloves Grappling Martial Arts (Best Value)


 RDX takes pride in keeping your knuckles as safe as possible, with extra padding and lightweight design (4 oz).

Nothing beats having a dependable glove when you are pounding away.  The thumb sheath is also very unique in these models, giving you maximum breathability and comfort. This glove is made from 100% Cowhide leather and helps to manage your sweat.

One of the notable features was that the gloves mesh well with your hands for maximum comfort and stability. The gloves stay firmly on your hands without milking the sweat out of them.

The only disadvantages we found with these gloves is that they wear and tear just as much as standard gloves. If you are engaging in all-out sparing and hardcore training, they’ll last just about the same as a normal pair. But one thing is for sure: you’ll be a lot more comfortable in these than other gloves.


What people are saying:

The quality and protection are undisputable. Most people love comfort during grappling and normal sparing. The only negative reviews involved people who used them a lot that felt they should have lasted a bit longer.


Pros Cons
Good Padding Average durability

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Verdict: If you want maximum protection and comfort and don’t plan on using the gloves every single day (excessively) these will work for you. They are great for short term MMA or possible to save for a “perfect match.”


#3 UFC Official Fight Gloves (Best Brand)


 We’d be looking for trouble if this glove was not included in our list.

It is made from 100% leather with the option of contour for the knuckles and gel protection to help with comfort. The curved shape design helps to reduce hand fatigue which means longer performance for longer fights.

The adjustable wrist straps, open palm, and open thumb design make it the best glove for grappling with an added adjustable double locking wrist wrap for better support.

One thing you should note is that these come snug-fit and if you get a size too large you could end up busting up your hands really bad- even if you are only training a little. So, go with whatever your standard glove size is and expect them to fit a little snugger.


What People are saying:

Everything that says UFC on it, people rave about. Most agree that the gloves are comfortable and long-lasting for routine training. Some people just purchase this glove to get it signed at an event. Try training with these gloves so that you become the one autographing them. A few people who used this glove couldn’t tell too much of a difference in the quality between similar models.


Pros Cons
100% Leather Snug-Tight Fit
Comfort and support
Knuckle Protection

 Check the Price on Amazon here

Verdict: If you want to go with tradition and have some gloves to remember forever, these are for you. They will last you and be a good memory. However, if “legacy” is not your thing, other gloves with less recognizable branding in this article will do just fine. Plus, the snug fit is not for everyone.


#4 Everlast Pro Style MMA (Best for Budget)

Everlast is one of the more common gloves on the market mainly because they have been out for such a long time. While these are a more affordable option, they are not for everyone.

These gloves are designed to protect your hands and manage the moisture of your hands. We recommend these for sparring because of their round and small design.

If you can grapple faster and better than your opponent, you have a big advantage. These gloves give you excellent mobility so that you can maneuver your hands and get a more accurate and sustainable grapple.

Some negatives include the fact that your knuckles are protected, but not as protected on heavier punching bags. You sometimes feel like you’re bear-handing it. Also, the brand name is somewhat ironic because the leather is synthetic and they don’t last forever.


What people are Saying:

There are over 400 reviews of these specific gloves. The majority of people admit that they purchased the gloves due to the attractive price tag, but some feel like they are worth it and others feel like they threw away money. One reviewer who happens to be a trainer recommended these for beginners, but not professionals. We conquer.


Pros Cons
Mobility Durability
Good for grappling Knuckle protection
Smooth design

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Verdict: These gloves are good for grappling and basic training, but if you are looking to do heavy workout regimes and training, these are not for you. We recommend this pair of gloves for beginners only.


#5 Sanabul Battle Forged MMA Grappling Gloves (Honorable Mention)

 This MMA glove was designed by professional fighters with a traditional Muay Thai Design. The interior is made of layered foam that provides a shock absorbing feature. With the Sanabul brand, has a secure Velcro system so that you can switch between grappling and striking out effortlessly.

The exterior material is made of SBL engineered leather with a lining which reduces the growth of bacteria and fungi. This lining also reduces the amount of moisture absorbed by the glove to help its life span and as well a Velcro closure system for fitting.

One thing we didn’t like about this model is that most of the padding is on the back of the hand??? It almost seems like the designers were more concerned about the look than the main impact protection.


What People are Saying:

A lot of people liked the feel of the gloves. But some complain, again, that the padding was disproportionate as far as on the back of the hand. The price is low enough, so this appeals to people that want a little more quality while still saving a few bucks.


Pros Cons
Value Thick padding on the back of hands
Comfort and support

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Verdict: If you are desperate for some gloves and just looking to keep your wallet as fat as possible in the process, these will save money. You do, however, lose some of the features and quality that the other gloves in this article have.


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For a beginner MMA workout, you can do at home, click here.

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