10 Running Gear Essentials for New Runners

Running gear essentials

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Starting your running journey can be exciting and scary at the same time. You’ll definitely need some running gear essentials to cut down on injuries, reduce recovery time, and improve comfort while you run.

Here is our list of 10 running gear essentials, 8 of which are very affordable (less than $40), and then 2 that are a little more expensive but definitely worth the purchase if you’re serious about trail running.


Running Gear Essential #1: FlipBelt

This is non-conspicuous elastic waist belt (more comfortable than a fanny pack or arm band) for storing valuables on the go. Instead of hefting around a bulky backpack, an outdated fanny pack, or an armband that always slips out of place, this belt is a welcome minimal approach to carrying items.

It’s an enclosed pocket that only opens at four slits, so your phone, keys, credit card, etc don’t fall out as you run. Made of spandex and Lycra, it’s bounce-free and won’t ride up. Other belts like this have bulky clips and fasteners, but this single band molds to your body to limit unsightly bumps and bulges.

This could even be used for everyday wear if you don’t feel like carrying a bag or wallet, or if you’re wanting to avoid pickpockets.


Running Gear Essential #2: Handheld Bottle

Hydration is key for running! This handy little bottle is small enough to hold as you run, and has a strap to keep you from dropping it. The double-insulated pack carries an 18 ounce bottle and keeps your water cool for 20% longer than other insulated bottles.

The race cap is ideal to eliminate the need for a lid, prevent spilling, and releases short bursts of water through a specially designed Blast Valve.

Attached to the pack is an expandable zippered pocket to hold essential items, such as water purification tablets (if you’re that far out on the trail) and flavor packets. This is a great hydration option.


Running Gear Essential #3 Road ID Wristband

Hopefully nothing bad happens while you’re out on a run, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This silicone wristband features a stainless steel plate that can be engraved with your name, address, emergency contacts, or any other information first responders would need if you aren’t able to tell them yourself.

For the peace of mind they provide, these wristbands aren’t expensive at all. They’re incredibly important to have, and not many people think to wear them on their runs.


Running Gear Essential #4: Surviveware Wipes

If you have a car ride right after your run, you may need to freshen up a bit before sitting on your leather or cloth seats. These zero-smell wipes will take care of any extensive mud or sweat.

They’re biodegradeable, so if you drop one outside, don’t worry about hurting the environment with pollution.


Running Gear Essential #5: Tiger Tail Roller

This roller can be used before or after your run to either warm up your muscles or improve your recovery time. Its firmness reduces the amount of pressure you have to apply to knead your calves and hamstrings for an effective use.

Softer, foamy rollers just don’t work as well.




Running Gear Essential #6: Dry Bag

Every runner needs a water-resistant bag for those days when you weren’t expecting rain showers or puddles to be your companions.

This is a really strong bag that can even float on top of water without any leakage. You actually roll your items inside the bag before clipping it, giving your valuables multiple layers of protection.

It also works to protect things outside the bag from things inside it, such as wet, stinky shoes or clothes. The multiple bright color options also improve your visibility if you’re running at night.


Running Gear Essential #7: Collapsible Storage Bin

You may wonder why this is included on our running gear essentials list. Hear us out.

This bin is perfect for storing running supplies in the back of your vehicle or at home, and makes them easy to lift and transport. With one of these, you won’t need to worry about your running gear rolling around in the back of your vehicle, jumbling with your groceries or jumper cables.


Running Gear Essential #8: Trail Gaiters

These stretchy shoe coverings prevent mud, dust, grass, and other debris from getting inside your shoes and socks. Who wants to have to stop and dump pebbles in the middle of a run?

They fasten on the side of the shoe with Velcro and they’re adjustable to any foot size.

These are good for off-trailing but of course, we know that not all runners will be off trailing so we have a more comprehensive list of the best running shoes in two separate articles:

The best running shoes for men.

The best running shoes for women.

Just click the text of which one you want to see.


Running Gear Essential #9: HeadLamp

For morning or night runs, you’ve got to have a headlamp. This is not only a safety item for yourself, but for others who may not see you. This hands-free light option allows you to keep your focus on the run, and always shines in the direction your eyes are pointed.

This model automatically adjusts the level of light it produces to the level of light in your surroundings with special reactive light technology.

You won’t need to worry about carrying extra batteries like you would for other headlamps. This one is rechargeable via USB, which makes it a very convenient.

The headband is washable and adjustable, so it’s a very comfortable option.

Another cool feature about this model is that it’s Bluetooth-enabled, meaning you can adjust light settings and optimize battery usage from the provided smartphone app.


Running Gear Essential #10: Running Vest

This is the priciest and most popular item on our list. This vest molds to your torso and allows you to carry bulkier essentials close to your body, hands-free. If you want to see more weighted vest variations click here.

With two water bottle pouches, and other pockets at the front and back of the vest, you won’t have to worry about leaving something behind while you’re on the trail. Carry maps, food, headlamps and hiking poles easily.




Editor’s note:

We hope you enjoyed this article and try out some of this essential running gear. If you do, please comment which item(s) you use and what your thoughts are.

To your success,


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