Tips to Become a Perfect Runner in 30 Days

become a perfect runner

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Becoming a runner is not so easy, but we can give you some tips that can help you out to become a perfect runner in only 30 days. You need to keep things in a completely normal condition while you are practicing running.becoming a perfect runner-man-running-on-road

Becoming a perfect runner in 30 days can be complicated, the tips and exercises we cover in this article are the foundation, but knowing is only 5% of your total effort. To be a perfect runner, the other 95% is the simple practice that often people ignore.

These practices will have a significant impact on your life.

One thing to note is that you need to enjoy running as well. Enjoyment is one of the most important keys to becoming a great runner. Some people don’t enjoy running, and it impacts their ability to perform. Think about how well you do on a school assignment you dread doing.

Love running and understand that these 5 tips will help you.


5 Tips To Become a Perfect Runner

Follow each of these tips to become a perfect runner in just 30 days. Some people may find it easier to break tips into chunks.


1. Find An Inspiring Goal

Body FitRunning, for your sake only, is often not enough to get you out of bed, let alone moving and prepared for what is to come. Your body and mind need to be in unison. You should find a big enough goal that keeps you in the mindset of success.

For every person, it is different. One thing to look at is the amount of time you give yourself to complete each goal. Be realistic, but also make sure you are challenging yourself.

Your body will go through a roller coaster of feeling relaxed, invigorated, and tired. Be ready to embrace all of the emotions.

Remember not to shy away from any goal just because it’s far in the future. These goals will help you out and motivate you the most when you need it.


2. Slow Down The Process

Most elementary and middle school gym teachers don’t focus on individual needs and fitness levels. They have to account for the majority. You may remember the annoying “pacer test” that some people excelled at, and others did not. Those early memories of running often contribute to underlying hate for running, as people often feel the pressure to run faster than they can handle.

When you start your journey to become a perfect runner, slow down your pace and consider that you are in it for the distance and endurance just as much as you are in it for the pace. Don’t give yourself a set deadline. Allow your body to handle what it can handle at the moment.

This idea will help to free your mind, and you will be able to focus on things other than bad memories from school days.

Therefore, you will experience a little of the runner high that you always hear about by the athletes. Try to finish your run feeling energized but not tired if you feel inspired then run a little further than before.

Focus on Small Details

Slowing the process down allows you to focus on minute details such as deeper breathing and the chest forward- back straight posture that should be maintained during your runs.

Focus on small details like how you are landing your feet (which should be with a slight bend to prevent high impact).

3. Take 180 Steps In A Minute

Break a run down into 180 steps in a minute. Simple enough, right?

It may sound a bit complicated to count each step, but it gets easier as you go along.

Remember to run in a way that you will hear 3 footsteps in each second.

This will help you out to overcome the stress fractures and the shin splints you have while running. If you experience sudden pain while you are running, then trust me, this method will help you to improve from this condition.

Taking lighter and smaller steps will also help with your endurance.

The “180 steps per minute” method is faster than the normal pace you may be at right now. It will seem a little uncomfortable when you first start it. You may need to take shorter steps and also work on muscles that are not in sync, but trust us: in just a few weeks, running will become as easy as second nature.


4. Get Enough Nutritious Food Before a Run

Well, we all know that food acts as fuel to our muscles. But did you know that our body can store enough fuel for an hour or so while we run?

When our body runs low, and the fuel is running short, then our brain “shuts down” our body so that the brain can continue to function.

Therefore, to stop crashing in the middle of a run, you need to eat nutritious foods. Be sure to eat 2-4 hours before the run so that your body has time to digest the food.

Always consume foods like meat, green vegetables, beans, and quinoas. Consider adding fruits and nuts to your diet.

Moreover, stay hydrated and always carry a handheld water bottle. Try a handheld holder like this one. You can even add a sports drink in the bottle when you are going for a long run. You can carry solid foods, but remember that you still need the water the most.

Check out this article we made of running gear essentials for new runners.


5. Rest and Recover After a Run

Well, we all know that our muscles need a little time to recover after you lift weights.

Nothing changes for running. Your muscles will need time to rest after your run. When you are going for a speed workout, a long run, or a tempo run, then your leg muscles need a lot of time to rebuild the energy.

This is actually how your running muscles get stronger, which helps you to become a perfect runner.

So plan on spending a whole day after a long workout to rest. The same applies when you run a full marathon. Always rest the next day.

If the run is less intense, you can also run the next day if you want, but make sure to run almost in slow motion- again focusing on improving minor details like controlling your breathing.


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Conclusion (Bottom Line)

We have made a list of 5 tips that will help you to become a perfect runner in just 30 days. Other things to consider include: simply enjoy running, avoiding injury, and becoming stronger as a runner. These will help you to improve and prevent costly injuries as well. You will become a pro runner.

Remember, there is a secret ninja technique that will help you out to become a perfect runner: practice hard and practice more.

Run. Then run a lot. Then run some more.

Remember, with every step you take; your body will learn how to run. That’s why we can even see some 50+-year-olds running and winning races.

Break your run down into manageable parts and tweak simple processes like your breathing so that you can see improvement.

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