Effective Flexible Workout for Men

Flexible workout for men

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For men, when we talk about desired physical characteristics, flexibility falls down the priority list.

Most would rather have killer abs and ripped arms than be able to balance their body and maintain their ligaments and joints just right.

The unfortunate truth is that when we slack up on flexibility training, we stand at greater risk for injuries, pain, etc. Especially when you factor in poor posture from the typical 9-to-5.

Without further ado, here is an effective flexible workout for men that may seem simple but can really make a difference:



Flexible Workout for Men #1: Straight-Leg Raise

flexible workout for men

If you hang around the gym long enough, you’re bound to hear someone complaining about tight hamstrings.

The lying straight-leg raise is a perfect flexible workout to tackle your hamstrings. and surrounding areas.



  1. Lie on your back along with your legs extended and hands crisscrossed or by your sides. Make sure that your knees are not bent and that your back is completely flat.
  2. Keeping your heel at a 90-degree angle and lift both legs to about 60-90 degrees.
  3. Hold it for a three-count and note the height of your leg.
  4. Slowly lower and repeat for 10 reps before switching sides.
  5. Minimum of 2 sets



The goal is to activate your hip muscles as much as possible. If you can, get to 90 Degrees.

Most people who fall within the 70- to 80-degree range. If you can’t pass forty to fifty degrees, your hamstrings are in need of some serious attention. Great hamstrings can help you with a lot of aspects of fitness. Three, in particular, are deceleration during a run, posture, and of course flexibility.



Flexible exercise for menFlexible Workout for Men #2: Controlled Oblique Push-Ups

Poor laptop posture and other daily activities lead to rounded shoulders. Excessive bench-pressing and unnatural stress to arm/shoulder muscles lead to a crooked look and even injuries.

Slouching leads to a weak core and an over-stressed back.

The last thing you want to do is get an injury that causes you to temporarily or even permanently end any training. When done correctly, this exercise will help prevent injuries and improve your arm and core stability and flexibility:


  1. On a yoga mat, get into push-up position. Make sure that your shoulders are aligned with your hands and that you’re not dipping or rounding your waist.
  2. As you slowly move into the downward push-up position, move your right leg to the side of your right elbow.
  3. Hold for 2 seconds (Breathing through the stretch) and return to normal push up position.
  4. Alternate sides and do at least 10 on each side. Again making sure that your shoulders are aligned properly and that you don’t drop your hips.


Doing this correctly is a good way to exercise those muscles while improving the stability of your shoulders, core, and obliques.



Flexible Workout for Men #4: Lightweight Kettlebell Swings

If you don’t have a kettlebell, use some dumbbells (free weights) or you can find a good kettlebell here.

There are advantages to a kettlebell that we cover in a separate article. Check that out here.

Since the movement involves the whole body, it will reveal limitations in several areas, together with the ankles, knees, hips, and shoulder joints.

Look for signs of weakness, fatigue. Obviously, if there is any sharp pain particularly in your back and shoulders, stop and report it to your doctor (because there shouldn’t be).


Flexible workout for men


  1. Set up in a squat position with the weight or kettlebell (preferably lighter) right in front of you.
  2. Keep your legs slightly further than shoulder-width apart and don’t round your back.
  3. Grab the kettlebell and swing in an upward motion till it is in line with your shoulders (keeping your shoulders retracted). At the same time extend your legs to a wide standing position (feet should remain in place.
  4. Lower back down into your squatting position swinging the kettlebell through your legs.


Note: If your kettlebell is too heavy to hold out or carry simply replace it with one that is compatible.




With this simple yet effective exercises, you will establish and strengthen your safe Range of Motion for your joints muscles and tendons. Don’t forget to use the proper amount of weight for this exercise so that you can keep perfect form. If you want flexibility and control this exercise is for you.


hip flexor stretch- Flexible workout for menFlexible Workout for Men #3: Hip Flexor Stretch

Unfortunately, most guys stay in a seated position for hours on end during the day. This posture shortens the hip flexors, leads to lower back pain, and messes with overall alignment.

This may not seem serious to some of you, but they actually have an effect on strength and performance for the whole body.

This workout- in particular- can act as a way to target those stubbornly tight hip flexors as well as quadriceps femoris.



  1. Lie on your back with your arms at your side. If you can, try to lay on a yoga mat or massage table where your feet can hang off.
  2. Reach for your knee and bring it into your chest while keeping the other leg held out (ankle flexed at 90 degrees)
  3. Never pull in too far or with excessive force. It should be a comfortable and controlled stretch.
  4. Repeat on the other leg.



Your Hip Flexors should get a good recovery from this stretch. All Muscles need to be properly maintained and Hip Flexors are some of the most ignored. In part, because people don’t know how to properly stretch them.

Hip flexors are important for overall body stability.


Flexible Workout for Men #5: Side Lunges

flexibility exercise for menWith any movement, balance and stability are key.

This is a great exercise for Increasing flexibility while working out. Of course, you can increase the intensity with a light dumbbell, but it is not necessary.


  1. With your back straight and chest high, Lean into one leg and perform a squatting motion and engaging the glutes.
  2. Extend the other leg out as far away as possible- causing a good calf extension.
  3. Focus on sitting into the lunge rather than leaning forward.
  4. Hold for 5 Sec.
  5. Move to the other side holding for another 5 seconds.
  6. Repeat 8 more times (alternating sides)



This flexibility exercise is bound to leave you in optimal shape. Any imbalance will be improved upon forcing your body to find it’s perfect spot.

Your legs (from your groin and glutes down) will love you for this exercise. I can say from personal experience that it releases tightness and promotes flexibility.

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All men need to focus on flexibility in order to avoid injuries and become more balanced and stable. It’s not always about how many calories you can burn or how many inches you can add to your biceps. Fitness is about building and maintaining your ideal body and you can’t do that with injuries.

This flexible workout for men is to help you develop a routine that gets you to the next level. You may only incorporate two of these into your routine, but you are guaranteed to build a safer and better you in the process.


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